Major League Baseball – another Good Friday blown save

There are quite a few Major League Baseball games scheduled for tonight, but there is just one scheduled during the day at the time Good Friday services are on: 2:20 PM ET in Chicago: Dodgers at Cubs at Wrigley.

I honor the day game tradition at Wrigley, but this is Good Friday.

For today… BOO CUBS.

I can live with evening and night games.

A day game on Good Friday afternoon is bad taste.

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  1. Well, here in my part of Alaska the two parishes here always do Good Friday Night services. 7pm. Second Easter here, Second year we do this… not sure why.

    But we also do lots of weird things.

    I guess in our world, the Dodgers and Cubs are the only ones that get it right?

  2. bookworm says:

    “7 p.m…. Second year we do this… not sure why.”

    Um, could it be because a lot of people HAVE TO WORK during the day on Good Friday since it is no longer an official holiday in many localities?

  3. david andrew says:

    We face a similar situation here in Detroit (hockey territory), wherein the Red Wings will enter into a playoff tonight.

    Our Pastor is a big Red Wings fan, and has season tickets. He was afraid they’d go into playoffs, but said that he will NOT attend tonight (saying unequivocally that it’s wrong to do so), and will NOT give his tickets to anyone else, lest he encourage someone else to do what he would not on Good Friday.

    This is refreshing in the face of some parishes where CYO basketball games have been known to be scheduled on Good Friday.

  4. Did you see what happened to the Cubs this afternoon?


  5. To answer the comment above about 7pm services – I did one also in my parish – here in the good old blue collar city of St. Joseph, Missouri. Church was nearly full (and heard nearly 2 hours of confessions afterwards!). I am certain that not even half that number would not have attended had our service begun at 3pm. I am becoming a bit of a pragmatist in some respects.

  6. uhm, David, are you sure about the ‘Wings? Maybe they WOULD HAVE had a game tonight, but they finished off the Coyotes on Wednesday (probably because so many of the players are observant Catholics ;-) and didn’t want to have to play tonight!) I don’t think Round 2 has begun yet.

  7. irishgirl says:

    Father Totten-there are observant Catholics on the Detroit Red Wings? That’s very cool! Wonder who they are….
    Nope, Round 2 of the NHL playoffs have not started yet. There are still several first-round series that have not been decided.

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