Why pro-abortion advocates are terrified of ultra-sound machines.

Intentionally or unintentionally, this commercial is a good pro-baby advocate.

You can see why pro-abortion advocates are terrified of ultra-sound machines.


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  1. priests wife says:

    A beautiful ad- even though the IVF looks like an act of violence to me

  2. RichR says:

    Life is a beautiful thing.

    We just found out last week our #4 is a fourth boy. My wife (one of three girls) said she was glad. When asked why, she said, “I’m not ready for a girl…..yet.” All eyes go to me, and I say, “Great! Let’s keep on goin’.”

  3. mike cliffson says:

    Pampers: the children of this world……….
    So Pampers’re in it for the money – how much better a business than, say, politics or porn – and how right to say”little miracle”. We fight so much on the culture of death and media turf, we forget words like that, or” blessing”. Sad they felt they had to include IVF and surrogates, yet right to welcome however started.
    Children are a blessing.They are little miracles.

  4. Maltese says:

    Cute vid! I have a one-year-old who literally just started walking; she is following my wife into the kitchen, into our bedroom, everywhere! Very cute, her little waddle-steps; and when she feels she is unsteady, she just plops down on her rump!

    One complaint about the video; don’t like IVF. Well, it’s a against Church teaching, for starters. But whenever you manipulate life (whether preventing it through contraception, or forcing it through IVF), you take away from the process and beauty of regeneration that God gave us. For every new life IVF gives, ten are prevented or terminated with the same mindset. Food for thought.

  5. Glen M says:

    The Culture of Death fears the ultrasound machine because it can detect a heartbeat at six weeks – the point many women realize they are pregnant.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    Rockford IL pro abortion groups (and the abortion mill staff in particular) have fought hard and ugly against the Pro Life movement there. Here is a link from the Rockford Register Star to a minor victory today after a setback a few days ago:

    “[Mayor] Larry Morrissey OKs 7-week parking permit for ultrasound unit”

    Please pray for all involved, especially for the conversion of the hearts of the employees of the abortion mill.

  7. Geremia says:

    @priests wife: IVF is violent because many innocent people are massacred for the sake of one person.

    God bless Arizona. Our governor signed SB 2416 which mandates that abortionists first perform ultrasounds, show them to the women, and make them hear the heartbeat. SB 2416, which also strengthens parental consent law, got very little press outside the right to life arena. Sadly, even in the Catholic church SB 2416 received little to no publicity SB 1070 has been getting. At least 50 people die everyday due to abortion in Arizona alone.

  8. flyfree432 says:

    I’m not necessarily offended that they included IVF or surrogate on their ad – they did not overtly condone them, and they are right, even children from those evil methods of conception are still made in the image of likeness of God and thus have human dignity which is to be protected.

  9. benedetta says:

    Very nice to see. There is some discussion about embryo adoption but I’m not sure where that’s at. It’s easy to just forget that there are lots of embryos out there in their own sort of limbo-like (a state created by us) existence, neither living nor dead, just static, frozen. How about that for macabre and a sign of our modernity. I know the pundits love to rub people’s faces in the Church’s harsh condemnation of “modernism” yet one could ask, um, what’s modernism done for me lately. Is that the point, “up with modernism”? Thanks, but no thanks.

    My personal hope is that ultrasound video or the sort of stage of life scientific video documentary could be shown in required school health classes. If we are really classical liberals, evolved and with open minds, then, we ought not be afraid of a little old ultrasound video? It is what it is. The present situation prohibits a free and open debate characteristic of a democracy so it can’t be said that we modernists are much better than our much scorned ancestors on that call…

  10. inara says:

    a 14 week ultrasound 20years ago saved my son’s life…and my soul

  11. Laura R. says:

    Simple yet powerful testimony, inara!

  12. jilly4ski says:

    Pampers had a commercial out before Christmas (Advent) where Silent Night was playing in the background and it flashed pictures of sleeping babies. That’s it. I was pregnant at the time and it made me ball my eyes out. Being pregnant during Advent is a great way to develop a close devotion to the Blessed Mother.

  13. Random Walk says:

    Not a huge advocate of IVF, but after seeing the commercial, I still like it.

    It basically says that no matter what, a baby (thus life) is a precious gift, period. Can’t really argue with that one, at all.

    It also blasts a metric ton of pro-abortion arguments in one go – nearly all of them, in fact.

    (I recall spending a good chunk of the 1990s arguing on alt.abortion against the overall industry of death… and nearly every pro-abortion argument presented, the folks at Pampers addressed head-on… I don’t care if it were intentional or not. I honestly don’t care if it were calculated to bump profits or not. I just like the results).

  14. Joan A. says:

    I believe it is intentional. No way are they going to make an overtly political statement, but the motivation is not political or even moral. It’s good business, and it may end up giving a boost to the pro-life movement we never expected.

    Just imagine Board Rooms and Shareholder Meetings for companies like Pampers and the many others that make baby products. Over the past decades their profits are dropping and dropping. Focus groups and consumer studies are done. AH! They discover after a million dollars of research: It’s not that mothers dislike our products, but fewer babies are being born!

    Some low-level marketing executive comes up with the idea of promoting the “concept” of conception itself, and even showing it! Dramatically stating that babies of any type are “our business.” I’m sure this commercial was vetted every which way by lawyers to make sure it did not “oppose a woman’s right to choose.” But somehow the low-level marketing guy got the ear of the CEO and this brilliant, startling, unusual commercial is produced.

  15. Sacristymaiden says:

    This is a very decent ad. I was pleasantly surprised.
    flyfree 432: You have a good point there, I agree.

  16. Alice says:

    What a lovely commercial! It seems like it’s more a commercial for having babies. I so totally wish I could “buy” again, but that is in the Lord’s time. For some reason He seems to think my 4 month old is enough baby for me at the moment.

  17. JayneK says:

    Random Walk,
    I used to post a bit to alt.abortion in 90s too. Great to see another Usenet dinosaur roaming about.
    Oh, and just to be on topic, I liked the commercial.

  18. tealady24 says:

    I cannot fathom those in the medical “profession” who terminate babies whether at 12 weeks or 27 weeks. What in God’s holy name is in their heads, if anything?! Get the life issue wrong folks, and nothing else in this world will ever be headed down the right path. How hard is this to understand???

  19. s i says:

    Interesting, since P&G are about as liberal as you get….yeah, they’re all in it for the money!

  20. Fr Matthew says:

    I don’t mind that they are in it for the money… this advertisement is beautiful anyway!

  21. Maria says:

    The baby on his mothers shoulder, who looked up at her and smiled said it all for me.

  22. Maria says:

    0.45 secs that is!

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