VIDEO: An Ordinary Vocation

A priest friend sent this with the note: Times are a’changin’!

I especially like the Mass at about 4:50!

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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I like this priest. He’s very serious and takes a bit to warm up, but on the other hand, he takes his vocation very seriously.

    And yeah, there’s a lot of us out here who never had a big conversion of life or faith, but just were raised to keep on doing the right thing. So it’s nice to see the Vancouver folks highlighting “an ordinary vocation,” especially since it’s pretty clear that this priest is not lacking in any values except “story value”. Heh.

  2. acardnal says:

    He looks like a young Fr. Zuhlsdorf may have appeared.

  3. Diane at Te Deum Laudamus says:

    This was very good.

    I agree, the section on liturgy, in the last third, is good.

  4. Burke says:

    Note well what he said about vocations: it is ‘ for the Church to corroborate’ a vocation. The individual may feel called, but the Church has the final call … some groups who seem to see ordination as yet another of our modern so-called ‘rights’ might need to pray about that …

  5. Allan S. says:

    So…is the AoV in BC now instructing in the EF, or is this a FSSP priest?

  6. JKnott says:

    Priestly humility and truth. Just beautiful!

  7. Perhaps someone from Vancouver can answer directly, but the fact that this video is presented by the Vocations Office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver might imply that he is a diocesan priest? These days, it’s not entirely unusual for a new diocesan priest to celebrate his first solemn Mass in the EF. (Indeed, the times are a’changin’!)

  8. APX says:

    This doesn’t show up on the mobile version of the blog! [Sorry!]

  9. Matthew in Vancouver says:

    He is indeed a diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Pictures of his First Mass in the EF can be found here:

  10. The Mass at 4:50 ish,is being celebrated at the FSSP parish in Vancouver (Holy Family), Fr. Pablo though is a Diocesan Priest, formed at Seminary of Christ the King/Westminster Abbey, Mission BC.,, but has chosen to familiarize himself with the E.F., since , as i understand it now, the Major Sems at Christ the King are expected to be at least familiar with It.
    The new ,late vocation?,FSSP Priest from that parish though (,in Vancouver is here, part of the same BC Catholic vocation series.PAX

  11. APX says:

    @Fr Z

    Come to think of it, I was at work so it actually helped me to not give in to my procrastinating tendencies.

  12. David in T.O. says:

    Wait a minute; this was put out by the vocations office?
    You know if you can’t be in Toronto at the Oratory or Ottawa or Quebec City at the FSSP there is only one place to be an that is Vancouver. This young priest’s first Mass was at the FSSP personal parish, Holy Family. Yet, there is a priest trying to start an Oratory of St. Philip Neri with the Archbishop’s blessing who celebrates the EF every Sunday in his parish. At least two other churches celebrate and the Archbishop has instructed that all tabernacles are to be in the centre. Vancouver has had good, strong no-nonsense Ordinaries from +Carney and +Exner to +Roussin who resigned early due to health and now +Miller, a rare Basilian. If is Miller and +Prendergast in Canada and unfortunately the red hat came close to home. Too bad for that, but good on the Vancouver vocations office for this video. I’m impressed.

  13. Father K says:

    Not sure about ‘First Mass’ being in EF – could be an error of judgement – have seen it happen in other dioceses and it led to nothing but grief and didn’t help the Holy Father’s progressive vision wrt the liturgy. [Maybe best for the newly ordained to cool their heels for a short time?] Also, at the ordination Mass: is there a shortage of chasubles in Vancouver? In my diocese we have a large number of priests who concelebrate at ordinations, Chrism Mass etc. – our Bishop has thoughtfully bought a whole load of [matching] chasubles and stoles…very nice ..for concelebrating priests to wear – so there is a harmony on the sanctuary instead of a mix-and-match exhibition.

  14. acardnal says:

    @Father K: Archbishop J. Michael Miller supports the EF. Not to worry. In fact, the FSSP has a parish in the archdiocese. It happens to be the same parish where Fr. Maria celebrated his Mass, Holy Family.

    What video or photos were you looking at regarding the ordination Mass? I see nothing on this post.

  15. APX says:

    @Fr K
    I was always under the impression that only the main celebrant wears a chasuable?? I know at my home diocese during ordinations every priest in the diocese who attends the ordination concelebrates. (it’s a gong show as everyone tries to read a line from the Eucharistic Prayer). I have never seen any of them in chasuable. It’s always stole and alb (no cincture.)

    That EF Mass in the video looks like it was offered at the FSSP’s personal parish in Vancouver, but I believe that is a diocesan priest.

  16. Father K says:

    acardnal – I assumed that the first part of the video was his Ordination Mass…maybe I was mistaken.


    Definitely not kosher – have a look at the requirements of the liturgical books – only in cases of necessity are chasubles to be optional. Even in the the most liberal parishes/dioceses in Oz I have not seen only stoles being worn.

  17. discerningguy says:

    APX, only in cases where there are not sufficient chasubles should only the principal celebrant be the only one wearing one. Frankly I think concelebration looks ridiculous about 90% of the time anyway. Seeing the reverend fathers in choir would be so much more aesthetically appealing..

  18. acardnal says:

    @Fr. K: acardnal – I assumed that the first part of the video was his Ordination Mass…maybe I was mistaken.

    What video? The URL link above took me to photographs of his first Mass at Holy Family Parish. And the chasubles are coordinated. Is there a video here that I overlooked?

  19. acardnal says:

    @Fr. K: My oversight. You were talking about Fr. Maria’s interview video and I was talking about the photos of his first Mass.

  20. wgaertner says:

    I was thurifer at his ordination and was a fellow seminarian with him. There were plenty of chasubles some priests just didn’t wear them… And his first Mass was OF, but the following Sunday he said his first EF Mass. The seminary does not instruct in the EF, but one is not short of opportunities to learn from a few priests in the Archdiocese.

  21. Father K says:

    wgaertner – really nice: great – but be careful! Listen to Father…:-)

  22. mc mike says:

    Just to confirm, the pictures of the procession wherein the concelebrants were only wearing stoles was not from the ordination mass. I spent three years with him in the sem as well, and I must say that I am struck by the “ordinary” aspect of his vocation. It truly is wonderful. His golf game could use some work, but his priesthood looks strong. :)

  23. Father John Horgan says:

    Father Pablo’s First Mass of Thanksgiving was an Ordinary Form Mass in English on Pentecost Sunday, concelebrated by a dozen priests , and was offered here in my parish, Saints Peter and Paul, in Vancouver. The Extraordinary Form Mass at Holy Family Parish, also in Vancouver, was offered a week later.
    The Ordination Mass did indeed provide chasubles for all concelebrants. As noted above, there was footage of another Mass at an earlier date where concelebrants in stoles were visible.
    BTW, Father’s family name is “Santa Maria.”

  24. jbosco88 says:

    Some Seminaries are getting quite tough in Europe and England. +Mark Davies (Shrewsbury) sends those in his charge to Ars (SJV) in France for one year of discernment then back again for studies.
    Apparently, this relatively new Seminary seeks to “break you down” then rebuild you into a holy Priest. Ideal.

    A daunting yet thrilling prospect.

  25. MPSchneiderLC says:

    Fr John Horgan, it is good to hear that Vancouver is doing so good now. The last itme I was there was for my Grandfather’s funeral at St Patrick’s. I remember it from my childhood, and the thing I most remember was that there seemed to be more Asians than Europeans at mass (good for Asains, no so much for Europeans).

  26. robtbrown says:

    jbosco88 says:

    Some Seminaries are getting quite tough in Europe and England. +Mark Davies (Shrewsbury) sends those in his charge to Ars (SJV) in France for one year of discernment then back again for studies.
    Apparently, this relatively new Seminary seeks to “break you down” then rebuild you into a holy Priest. Ideal.

    A daunting yet thrilling prospect.

    Disagree. I have little sympathy with formation that “breaks you down”. It is an approach that is based on a very negative anthropology and was typical of those religious orders of the Counter Reformation (e.g., Jesuits). Formation should produce moral and intellectual habits, but they are not to be forced.

    Priestly formation should be substantial, sometimes difficult but not necessarily so (difficult is accidental) but sometimes so. For example, the professors (theology and otherwise) who taught me the most usually weren’t the toughest graders.

  27. John Nolan says:

    The idea of ‘breaking down’ in order to ‘build up’ is a feature of US military training which does not find favour in the British army where the recruit is given a cap badge and a regimental identity which he then strives to live up to.

  28. PeteLee says:

    the video with the stoles is of the pro-life mass in victoria

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