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QUAERITUR: Is water blessed with the newer rites really holy water?

From a reader: I’ve heard it claimed that holy water blessed via the new rite isn’t true holy water since the new rite doesn’t include prayers of exorcism; in other words, according to the person telling me this, such water is merely “blessed … Read More

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LONDON: Latin Mass Society day conference – Saturday, 9 June 2012

In London, the Latin Mass Society has organized a one-day conference: ‘The Traditional Liturgy and the Catholic Life’ You can book tickets online at that link, above. WHEN: 9am Low Mass at St James’s, Spanish Place. Talks elsewhere till 6 pm … Read More

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Fr. James Martin, SJ, sticks up for Sr. Farley and her teachings

The usual suspects are encircling with nurturing and supportive embraces Sr. Margaret Farley, author of a  dreadful book, filled with grave errors concerning faith and morals.  Click HERE. Fr. James Martin, SJ (whose recent Twitter campaign demonstrates that he sides … Read More

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A request to bloggers about the the phrase “Magisterium of Nuns”

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! I have a request to make of all Catholic bloggers. Whenever you write anything about the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, try to work in the phrase “Magisterium of Nuns“.  I don’t care if … Read More

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LCWR is planning how not to obey

From the site of Vatican Radio: Statement by Archbishop J. Peter Sartain in response to the LCWR statement Following the May 31 statement by the national board of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR ) concerning the assessment that … Read More

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London Blognics: A) Monday 7pm Coal Hole and B) Friday… TBA.

UPDATE: The 6:30 Mass at Maiden Lane, for HM the Queen, is on, but I am not liturgically involved.  Do take in the Mass and gain its benefits.  I will head to the Coal Hole either way, aiming at about … Read More

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CDF NOTIFICATION about Sr. Margaret Farley’s dreadful book (cf. Magisterium of Nuns)

This, given the timing, is a Big Deal.  Make that Really Big Deal. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a notification about a book of one of the prime exponents of the Magisterium of Nuns: Sr. … Read More

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Because of the all the VatiLeaks falderal right now, some are saying that the Pope should resign. Nitwits. Holy Church, having human beings involved in it, has had and will endure stupid and ugly controversies from within. It stands to … Read More

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Our personal convictions must translate into action in the public square.

London is decorated for the Queen’s 60th Jubilee. Apart from the decorations and public ceremonies, two things which will stand out from the observance of these 60 years. First, yesterday at the Brompton Oratory after the principle Mass, celebrated for … Read More

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ALERT! 5 JUNE – TRANSIT OF VENUS (next happens in 2117)

There will be live webcasts.  HERE. A rare occurance: Venus will pass across the surface of the Sun! I saw the last one through a telescope in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Why am I in one of the rainiest … Read More

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