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Sr. Sandra Schneider’s NunThink, or, Why The CDF Is Picking On The Magisterium of Nuns

NunThink  In the recent interview in the Fishwrap with the CDF’s Prefect Card. Levada, there were some fascinating things. He revealed quite a lot about the manner of work of the CDF, he admitted that he made a mistake, he … Read More

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Card. Burke on the SSPX (video)

I am a little behind the curve on this, but I thought you might like to hear what His Eminence Raymond Card Burke has to say about the future (hopefully) reconciliation of the SSPX with the Roman Pontiff. [wp_youtube]fRcoaytPCa0[/wp_youtube] Benedict … Read More

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Catholic Health Ass. reverses position?

Someone just sent me a copy of the CHA’s letter to the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) of The First Gay President’s administration. It seems that Sr Carol “GIVE BACK THAT PEN” Keehan, the CHA head and Pres. Obama’s … Read More

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Another view of the LCWR dust up

From a friend on the LCWR (a subsidiary of the Magisterium of Nuns): LCWR It occurs to me that some people are just not understanding in general what a deviation this group is. Would it be easier to understand if … Read More

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