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Bp. Boyea (D. Lansing) skeptical about need for USCCB document on U.S. economy

When I heard that the bishops of the USCCB in their plenary session were talking about drafting a new document on the economy and related issues, I first reaction was “OH NO! Don’t they learn from history?” I also read … Read More

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Will all the SSPX sign on?

Our friends over at Rorate have posted a 1 June interview of SSPX Bp. Bernard Tissier de Mallerais. He may be a bishop, but he is not the Superior of the SSPX. Bp. Bernard Fellay is the Superior. The Congregation of … Read More

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ActonU UPDATE. Thursday

The day began with a TLM (both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form are available daily to participants) and then breakfast with some of the Acton folks. The first session today was on Orthodoxy and the State. We are in a … Read More

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What do you do before breakfast?

I once posted an entry about what people around the world have for breakfast.  It’s a fascinating topic. Here is something else that is breakfast related. What do you do before breakfast? I think this has to do with having … Read More

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SSPX offered a Personal Prelature

To review:  The Holy See gave the SSPX a “doctrinal preamble”.  The SSPX studied it and proposed in return some modifications.  The Holy See and Holy Father studied the modifications.  Then the CDF and SSPX Bp. Fellay had a meeting, … Read More

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Sick of the LCWR? There are other sisters out there, you know.

The LCWR’s leadership will now debate whether or not they want the Church’s true Magisterium in their lives. They are poised to become irrelevant.  Then, irrelevant, the biological solution will have its way with them and all their institutes, which have no … Read More

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Vatican Radio ending many Short and Medium Wave broadcasts

I think this is a bad idea. From News.va: Vatican Radio: New Communications Strategies Announcing Vatican Radio’s intention to reduce its Short and Medium Wave transmissions to most of Europe and the Americas, starting July 1st, the Director General, Fr … Read More

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