How times have changed!

When I first came to Rome, lo those decades ago, it was nearly impossible to find any beautiful sacred vessel in the shops. Market forces, however, have shifted inventories decisively away from the hideous globs of who-knows-what gray metal covered with abstract representations of who-knows-what worthy of any pre-school classroom shelf.

Market forces have followed the workings of the Biological Solution.

The younger men, not inebriated or hung-over from the heady wine of those halcyon conciliar days, didn’t have that iconoclastic streak of the previous generation. They wanted – want – things that are worthy of the altar.

In any event, I am killing some time before an appointment. Here are some shots of stuff in windows of clerical shops near San Pietro.




There are the biological throwbacks, of course… or remnants?


Here is something nice. Host irons!


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  1. Long-Skirts says:

    Fr. Z said:

    “… things that are worthy of the altar.”


    Vestments of red
    Altar cloth too
    Martyrs who bled
    Did this for you.

    Gold Tabernacles
    Veiled in red’s hue
    Martyrs in shackles
    Hung for this view.

    Red mums full bloomed
    In water and brass
    Martyrs consumed
    Burned for this Mass.

    Red rays of sun
    Rose-streak the nave
    Their suffering done –
    Now red we must crave!

  2. Adam Welp says:

    Wow that host iron looks nice,well, everything in that store looks nice! I’ve always wanted to try making hosts for my parish.

  3. Titus says:

    Oh, I don’t think that green set looks that bad, Father. Perhaps a little Oriental, but not altogether improper in the right setting.

  4. Father or any other knowledgeable cleric/liturgical “junkie”,

    What is the liturgical Item that looks like a folding cloth table the 4th picture going downwards in this post?

  5. HighMass says:

    Praise GOD, Bring it on! Its about Time!

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