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A note about intentions and prayers while I am in Rome

First, I don’t remember as I write exactly who asked me to pray at a site in Rome associated with St. Gregory, but yesterday at the tomb of St. Gregory in St. Peter’s Basilica, I asked St. Gregory to ask … Read More


Roman Sunday Supper

For lunch I was at the college refectory of a friend. We spent the afternoon talking about today’s heretics. Tonight I am out alone at a great pizza place. I’ll graze and read on my Kindle. For a starter: Tonight’s … Read More

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Before and during the Election: Eucharistic Adoration, works of mercy, mortifications, prayers

May I make a suggestion for Election Day? Get a group of people together and ask, plead, beg, pester the pastor of your parish to open the church or chapel so you can have all day and all night Adoration … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s Message to participants in the pilgrimage and Mass for Summorum Pontificum

At the Pontifical Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica in thanksgiving for what the Holy Father has done for the Church by Summorum Pontificum it was made knows that the Holy Father sent a message: Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, in the … Read More

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Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! Continued from THESE. I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent. We should support each other in works of mercy. As long as my blog reaches … Read More

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1953: Pius XII to American seminarians: be holy, heroes, officers of the Church Militant (quotes St. Charles Borromeo)

Because I am still having some internet problems and composition of posts is a little hard, I have pulled a couple things from the archives in which St. Charles Borromeo is mentioned. (His heart, by the way, in the great … Read More

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“Maker of galaxies, stardust, and all that has being”

A priest friend sent me this piece of masterful invective: The Diocese of ____’s newly commissioned ANTHEM FOR THE YEAR OF FAITH. Close your eyes. No, really close them. Now (okay, open your eyes and read this and THEN close … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point from the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass? Tell us what it was! Good points… good… right?

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Fall Back!

Did you reset your clocks and watches? Fo you use a watch anymore or just your mobile device?

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