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“Stir Up Sunday” is NEXT SUNDAY. Start planning!

For the last two years I made my own English-style Christmas Pudding. Delicious. A whole different theory of cooking. The flavors are amazing. Remember THIS? This year I am going to pay attention to Stir Up Sunday. 25 November is “Stir … Read More

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Request: Is there a watchmaker in the house?

Is there, among the readers, a watchmaker?  I remember that there was, at one point. Please drop me a line.

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The Most Tragikal Hostess Debacle. Act II. Enter: Looters, Zombies, Unions.

I heard about this when I was running errands yesterday. It seems that the Hostess – producers of iconic products – has now gone completely bust because, in negotiations with the company the baker’s union demanded too much. I grew … Read More

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