REQUEST: Images of Mary: Our Lady of the Clergy

Does anyone out there have a larger version of this image? Does anyone have an original of the card which could be scanned?

Notre Dame du Clergé … Our Lady of the Clergy.

Our Lady of the Clergy

Other LARGE images of Mary depicted as Queen of the Clergy or Queen of Priests are welcome.

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  1. AvantiBev says:

    I have seen these cards many times in the back of my parish church, St. John Cantius, Chicago.
    Fr. Z. contact Father Frank Phillips at St. John Cantius. One of the Brothers or priests can scan it in for you.


  2. eyeclinic says:

    And what a wonderful parish it is! I was in Chicago for a meeting last w/e and got to go to confession during Mass,and it was the best confession I’ve ever had because the priest was tremendously supportive and gave the greatest advice I can ever recall. You are blessed!

  3. mamajen says:

    I have never had any desire to live in Chicago, but having looked up the St. John Cantius website, all I can say is WOW. And I wish I lived closer. They really have their act together.

  4. Dr. Eric says:

    “I have never had any desire to live in Chicago…”

    Me neither, Go Cards!

    I do have nothing but praise for the Canons at St. John Cantius. They are really doing The Lord’s work there in Chicago. I still don’t want to live there, I’ll stick with the ICRSP and the Benedictines here in St. Louis.

  5. BrDavid says:

    The Cannons at St. John Cantius are awesome. I am not a member of their community but know a few of the men personally and nothing but the best. I recommend them to all guys I know discerning traditional religious life.

  6. Pere, just write in french to,
    Servantes de Notre-Dame Reine du Clergé (Soeurs)
    Rimouski, Gaspé, Québec et Ottawa
    they can send you copy, but send/show example of what you want for i am sure all pre-concilliar images are stored away.

    Les Servantes de Notre-Dame, Reine du Clergé se reconnaissent dans l’expression suivante : Être une présence, une prière, un service avec le prêtre et pour le prêtre, au cœur de nos communautés paroissiales. Le mot d’ordre de l’Institut : « Sur les pas de Notre-Dame, servir avec joie dans la vigne du Seigneur ».

    Courriel :

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