Asking the Poor Souls to help with the election of the new Pope

Our friends at Rorate have a great idea. As I promote a revival of confession, they promote prayer for poor souls.  They have a prayer for the poor souls to interceded for the Cardinal Electors. I think we all want, as they want, a Pope who will continue the liturgical renewal, the foundation of all other phases of renewal, begun by Pope Benedict. Fiat. Fiat.

Suggested prayer:

“O Mother of Sorrows, as you held the Body and Blood of your Divine Son upon your breast as His Soul went down among the dead to free them and grant them the Blessed Vision of His Divinity, so assist Holy Church as she bears this same Body and Blood on her altars and entreat your Son to descend again among the dead and free the souls of departed cardinals, and the souls of the departed parents, brethren, friends, and benefactors of Cardinal NN, that they might be powerful and grateful intercessors on his behalf to elect as Roman Pontiff the one who is most pleasing to God and helpful to the faithful, and strong against the enemies of Christ’s Mystical Body on earth. To this end I apply to this cardinal’s dead the indulgence offered as I pray. Memorare, etc.”


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  1. jlmorrell says:

    I love the Rorate Caeli blog. In my opinion they are providing some of the best coverage and analysis during the interregnum.

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