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Help with a blog award?

Would you help with something? This blog was nominated for the Reader’s Choice award for best blog.  Alas, the award people didn’t exactly get the name of the blog right, but… hey. You can help by clicking HERE.   It’ll … Read More


The Feeder Feed: Cardinal Edition

I no longer have the big and varied feeders that I once did at The Sabine Farm, but I do have a small feeder on the window here at the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue. As result I don’t have … Read More

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First full day of “Sede Vacante” is a First Friday.

First full day of “Sede Vacante” is a First Friday. Think about it.

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Dr. Peters v. National Schismatic Reporter – MAKE POPCORN!

At the National Schismatic Reporter, editor Tom Fox had a grand-nutty. This time, however, I offer black and red  treatment by none other than Prof. Ed Peters (who has no open combox – be sure to visit him and boost … Read More

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QUAERITUR: During “Sede Vacante” what must priests say in the Eucharistic Prayer now that there is no Pope?

UPDATE: Since the former Pope is alive – wow, that’s strange to write – priests and bishops can mention Benedict XVI’ name during the Memento of the Living in the Roman Canon. Father might say: “Memento, Domine, famulorum famularumque tuarum, Benedicti … Read More

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Blog problems and the blog’s future (and ads)

Lately, because of high traffic, there have been problems keeping the blog running properly.  The server hasn’t been able to handle the load.  Also, there is something wrong in how the blog is set up, but I don’t have the … Read More

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Sobering words from Bp. Davies of Shrewsbury, England

Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury gave a sermon yesterday at a Mass in Thanksgiving for the Pontificate of Benedict XVI. In the sermon he asked, about Pope Benedict’s time: Tonight we might each examine our consciences and ask: did we … Read More

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