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First, help each other by using the entry Your Urgent Prayer Requests The combox is active for about two weeks and then I have to make another entry. I try always to link back to the other requests. Then… Help … Read More

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Lighter but still serious fare

Some lighter fare… though with a serious point. In Spanish: The Vatican prohibits the use of Twitter during the Conclave. “Let me in!  I’m not Twitter, I’m the Holy Spirit!” And, from ZENIT, a recent photo it seems of His … Read More

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House Members Introduce Conscience Protection Act. USCCB asks support.

With all the hoohah going on about the upcoming Conclave, don’t forget that all “Church”, like politics, is local. In these USA we are facing unprecedented attacks on our religious freedom. The Obama Administration, through Obamatax and the HHS Mandate, … Read More

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Blog was down for a bit… an attack

This afternoon the blog was down for a short period.  I figured it was just the higher than usual traffic stressing out the poor server. I am informed that it was an attack that caused the problem. What’s the old … Read More

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Catholic Vote on silly WaPo article about retired Benedict’s sly influence

Over at Catholic Vote (thanks Tom Peters for the link about the Cool Kid’s Conclave and I hope everyone will go read your information about the March for Marriage), there is a good examination of some fantasy literature in the … Read More

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A priest on hearing confessions for three hours

I don’t know if I have mentioned it lately but… GO TO CONFESSION! For that to be possible priests have to get into the box and hear confessions. To this end, I point you to an amusing post by Fr. … Read More

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The Conclave’s voting process hardware

This morning at the briefing in the Holy See Press Office, images were displayed of the three “urns” used in the conclave for the collection of the voting slips of the cardinals.  Here is some info from VIS: NEW CHALICE-URNS … Read More

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Conclave Comets!

Together with all the papal portents of which I wrote the other day – and let us not be overly worried about these – there is a rare astronomical sight right now, visible in some parts of the world. In … Read More

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The Conclave and the matter of handling of clerical sexual abuse of minors

On 20 February I wrote an entry called Wherein Fr. Z makes a suggestion to Cardinal Electors I wrote: I propose to Their Eminences that it could be better to elect someone whose record on clerical sexual abuse we know … Read More