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New experiments show that the Shroud dates to 1st century AD

From Vatican Insider: New experiments on Shroud show it’s not medieval ANDREA TORNIELLI romE New scientific experiments carried out at the University of Padua have apparently confirmed that the Shroud Turin can be dated back to the 1st century AD. … Read More

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PARIS: Notre Dame gets new bells for her 850th birthday – video

We Catholics love our bells.  Bells are, traditionally, not just blessed but “baptized”.  They are given names as well. From The History Blog: Notre Dame gets new bells for her 850th birthday Notre Dame de Paris, the Gothic cathedral that … Read More

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TRADS ON FIRE! Young men getting the job done and implementing a TLM in a parish.

Here is a good Brick By Brick story. A while back I posted a note to traditional Catholics.  This is our time to push forward and use the provisions of Summorum Pontificum and advance the vision of Benedict XVI.  I … Read More

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A new blog by faithful Catholic women: Catholic Women Rising

There is a new blog by Catholic women who are faithful to the Church’s teachings: Catholic Women Rising The manifesto: We the undersigned This blog has been set up as a place where faithful practicing Catholic women may register their … Read More

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Robert Spencer on Pope Francis and “dialogue” with Islam

Pope Francis has openly expressed desire for dialogue with Islam. HERE. Here is a thought provoking piece from Robert Spencer about dialogue with Islam: Pope Francis: “Intensify” Catholic “dialogue” with Islam I am all for dialogue between Muslims and Christians … Read More

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ARMENIA: Islamic rebels demand $250,000 for kidnapped Catholic priest

From Public Radio of Armenia: Rebels demand $250,000 for the kidnapped Armenian Catholic Priest A world wide appeal has been initiated by the Bishop Marayati, Armenian Catholic, of Aleppo for the release of Fr Michael Kayyal who was kidnapped on … Read More

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Of Holy Thursday and the foot-washing rite: problems – solutions

Dr. Peters at In The Light Of The Law, a blog on matters canonical, has this to day.  He doesn’t have an open combox (which I quietly envy sometimes), so we can have the foot-fight food-fight over here. The annual … Read More

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