REVIEW: Folding altar cards for travel Mass set, including Requiem Mass cards

The nice people at SPORCH… yes, SPORCH, sent me – some time ago mind you – their newly revised Roman Rite folding, travel altar cards (for the Extraordinary Form).

SPORCH is the Society for the Preservation of Roman Catholic Heritage.  Click HERE

I had written about the first version of their cards them some time ago, but they have in the meantime improved them.  Here are some pics.

I have used their first set when travelling.  I really liked them.  These are better.

The cards followed me around a bit until they finally reached my proper address. The letter they came with indicates a price of only $69 and there is a bulk discount. I don’t know how many “bulk” includes.



The first improvement I noticed is that, instead of having a bit of velcro as a closure, they now embed a fairly strong magnet.


The two outer wings fold in, over the two side altar cards, mounted on heavy board (like the cover of a hard-bound book) and over two additional cards with the prayers at the foot of the altar and at the end of Mass.




I wonder if they include a version with prayers for the Queen, which those of you in the UK could use.

I prefer a less busy type-face, but these are nevertheless easily legible.



Now for the Requiem cards.  For comparison… with a common tea spoon as a reference for size.





They seem sturdy and durable.

These would be a great gift to seminarians and all priests. They are perfect for a travelling Mass set.

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  1. pelerin says:

    Beautifully designed. Interesting to see that the American translation of the Salve Regina has a couple of differences from the English translation.

  2. Gus Barbarigo says:

    I’ve never heard of this SPORCH, but I’m excited that it exists!

  3. They also have a set of these for the Dominican Rite. I ordered one for my chapter, and we got to use it recently.

  4. Andrew says:

    These must have been done by some Christians: they even use the letter “J”.

  5. The use of a “J” is a problem (in my opinion) but… hey.

  6. jbas says:

    Perhaps they’ll soon publish a travel-size altar missal to go with these.

  7. Joe in Canada says:

    I guess with a magnet you have to be careful of packing it with your iPod, etc.

  8. sekman says:

    I would LOVE a travel sized altar Missal, we need someone to publish something of this sort now. I have seen no leads.

  9. Dr Guinness says:

    Exactly what I need for an ordination gift… Looking forward to it!

  10. Suburbanbanshee says:

    SPORCH has been around for a while. It started as pretty much a Catholic man and wife thing, as far as I’ve been able to tell, but they’ve stuck to it all these years and gradually done quite a lot. They also go around and get church furnishings that are being thrown out, and then refurb and redistribute what they’ve picked up.

    Anyway, I’m glad they’ve got that website now! For years they only had email.

  11. Eric says:

    “with a common tea spoon as a reference for size.”

    Should have used a spork.

  12. Gail F says:

    I just met the woman from SPORCH today!

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