Happy Name Day, Holy Father!

Today is the name day of His Holiness, Benedict XVI, born Joseph Ratzinger.

In your kindness, say a prayer or two for him today.

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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Done. And pls include all folks named Joseph (et al), including those of us savvy enuf to pick St. J as our Confirmation saint!

  2. OrthodoxChick says:

    And it being St. Joseph’s day and me having gone and given up sweets for lent, could someone out there please have a nice, large mug of steaming hot mystic monk and a zeppole for me? It’s penance to have to take a pass on my annual St. Joseph’s day treat tradition (well, the zeppole part of it, at least).

    Prayers for papa Benedict!

  3. NBW says:

    Orthodox Chick: I think you can have a zeppole today because it’s a feast day 1st class, a priest once told me that. Fr. Z is this correct?

    Prayers for Pope Benedict done. I miss him!

  4. iPadre says:

    Vivat Benedicti!

  5. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    It’s a solemnity. So, party down.

  6. HyacinthClare says:

    What a dear picture. I love that man more than I have words to describe. Thank you for this picture, Fr. Z.

  7. acricketchirps says:

    Also baby cricket’s first name day today.

  8. q7swallows says:

    When it comes to Joseph Ratzinger (in all his titles), I’m finding even the language of superlatives inadequate. The following is true of everyone but, somehow, it’s especially applicable for him: only Jesus could embrace him as he truly deserves. We simply could never thank or love him enough. With all my heart, I thank God for this man/priest/pope/pope emeritus. And with equal fervor, I hope and pray for his salvation. But it wouldn’t ever be enough or as much as I would want him to receive. For all the vision, love, and suffering it took for him to give us all such unfettered access to the Usus Antiquior again, may he find a secure place near his Namesake and The Queen of Heaven in the strongest, most fiery reaches of Holy Bliss Unveiled. Oh, how miserably words fail!

  9. q7swallows says:

    This is my new favorite photo of him also. Poster Child of Introverts!

  10. Iacobus M says:

    I’m starting to get used to the new guy, but, boy, do I miss Pope Benedict!

  11. OrthodoxChick says:

    You posted that just in the nick of time, Dr. Peters. I was able to catch my hubby by phone before he exited the Italian bakery with zeppoles for all – minus mine. ipadre will no doubt know the place, but hubby was at Solitro’s, which is a stone’s throw from the main Diocesan cemetery and in an Italian neighborhood. Hubby said the line was out the door.

    Tragedy averted and solemnity to be reveled in thanks to you! May St. Joseph grant you extra blessings today!

  12. Gregg the Obscure says:

    I’m sorry that I don’t remember the source for this brief prayer, so I can’t give proper attribution, but I’ve prayed it daily (or so) for the past year: “I pray for the Holy Father Benedict. May his cooperation in the truth bring him to the plenitude of faith, hope and love.” Memorare.

  13. Joseph-Mary says:

    It is a name day for me as well. How I miss Pope Benedict. I had total trust in him to do and say the right thing and I greatly appreciated the direction he was leading the Church. One day, I will predict he will be canonized and it won’t be contested at all.

  14. HighMass says:

    Words cannot express our Happiness for Benedict XVI, gosh how we miss him! Happy Feast Day Santita!.

    Dear GOD,

    PLease keep him in good health.

  15. Maria says:

    He is in my prayers …

    To q7swallows says:
    19 March 2014 at 12:30 pm — I agree

  16. My name day too…this introvert misses his fellow introvert much…

  17. Hank Igitur says:

    It is also the Commemoration of St Benedict on Friday 21 March in the 1962.

  18. AvantiBev says:

    I work for a law firm that does Family Law. Please ask St. Joseph to intercede for our society of the fatherless and for those for whom father is just a word or just a every other weekend visitor.

    What a wonderful patron he would be for those of us praying for a generation of women and men who will overthrow the whole rotten sexual revolution.
    [My Babbo had a special devotion to St. Joseph and in my eyes was right there up there with Joe as the greatest of daddies!]

  19. AvantiBev says:

    Isn’t the current pope’s baptismal name “Jose”?

  20. “It’s a solemnity. So, party down.”

    Absolutely! Hubby and I are going to have a first-class-feast dinner. I have a duck in the oven, and I’ll cook some fresh asparagus in some olive oil with a little salt and pepper, and I have a loaf of demi French bread ready to warm up in the oven. Add a glass of wine, and we’re ready to celebrate.

    Happy Feast Day!

  21. HighMass says:

    Joseph-Mary says:

    Joseph-Mary COULDN’T agree with You More about Pope Benedict becoming a Saint….anyone who has followed him as a Priest To Pope….knows how he is a very Holy Man!

    I too miss His Direction and Him….as said over and over…..the ache just doesn’t go away….he is Miss so Much!

  22. Bea says:

    AvantiBev says:
    19 March 2014 at 5:32 pm
    Isn’t the current pope’s baptismal name “Jose”?

    I think its “Jorge” (Jorge Mario, to be exact)

    I love this picture, too. My favorite, better than the official portrait.
    I can just picture Christ sitting beside him and whispering His Wisdom in his ears and heart.

  23. Lin says:

    I agree with HighMass, the ache never goes away! I miss him and pray for him daily. As for St. Joseph, I have prayed that he watch over and pray for me as my father for the rest of my days on earth. Approximately 20 years ago, I turned to the Blessed Mother for assistance and it has changed my life. I never thought to turn to St. Joseph until a priest, Father Edwin Joseph recommended him to me. What a blessing that has been! You see, almost 60 years ago, my Dad left us and I can still remember that day. I have had a wonderful life but desertion, separation, and divorce leave terrible and long lasting scars on the psyche. It is so important to support intact families and marriage between a man and a woman. Children KNOW the difference and live with the consequences the rest of their life! Many prayers for Pope Benedict and Pope Francis!

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