A bit of fun at The Jesuit Post

A bit of fun at The Jesuit Post today.  Check it out.

And don’t forget to spot the bad Latin from a well-known person in the comments.  Liberals…. whaddyagonnado?

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  1. rtjl says:

    Can’t resist. I know that many of you have heard this before.

    What is similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?
    Well, they were both founded by Spaniards, St. Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits.
    They were also both founded to combat heresy: the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants.

    What is different about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?
    Well, have you met any Albigensians lately?

  2. As a countermeasure, the Jesuits have taken over the blog of the Dominicans.
    The Jesuit Post Takes Over Dominicana
    And thus, the age old battle between the Dominicans and the Jesuits continues…

  3. boko fittleworth says:

    When I was a Dominican novice, we were subjected to a multi-day presentation on the history of the order by a Dominican sister whose brother was a Cathar. The Albigensian joke lost much of its bite after that. My favorite Dominican joke is the classic:

    Q. What’s the difference between a Jesuit and a Dominican?

    A. You meet one Jesuit, you’ve met them all. You meet one Dominican, odds are within five minutes of meeting he’ll tell you the joke about the difference between Jesuits and Dominicans.

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  5. jplsr says:

    A Benedictine, a Dominican and a Franciscan were walking along together when the discussion turned to which order was the greatest.They were about to come to blows when a rock fell at their feet, a rock with a note tied to it. The note said: “It distresses Me infinitely to hear My sons waxing wroth with anger. The topic of this discussion was settled permanently long ago.” Signed, God., S.J.

  6. CGPearson says:

    A Dominican priest and a Jesuit priest are having a discussion. A man walks up to them and says, “Excuse me fathers, but how many novenas do I have to say to receive a Mercedes Benz?”

    The Dominican responded, “What’s a Mercedes Benz?”

    The Jesuit responded, “What’s a novena?”

  7. Art says:


    That’s only because the Dominicans won’t lend the Jesuits their swords!

  8. Jack007 says:

    Don’t know if anyone caught this, but the “well known commenter”, a prominent Jesuit, has a FB page. Of course.
    Apparently there have been issues with fake FB pages and he was victimized by someone using a pseudonym.
    I saw this humorous post on his page where he explains it all. ( I will only post her first name even though its totally public)

    Phyllis Z: You mean your pseudonym is not “Father Z”?

    LOL Seems like Fr. Z is becoming a household name online.
    Jack in KC

  9. donadrian says:

    Oh dear – a hoary one this:
    A Dominican, a Franciscan and a Jesuit are out for a walk one day and they meet the Holy Family. The Dominican kneels at the feet of Our Lady and says, ‘You know the devotion my Order has to your holy Rosary. Pray for us.”
    The Franciscan kneels before S Joseph and says, “You know the humble work that, like you, my Order does. Pray for us.”
    And the Jesuit looks at the Child Jesus and says to Mary and Joseph, “So when is your little boy going to come to our school?”

    But pray for all our Orders and the work they do.

  10. Random Friar says:

    My favorite was their comment: “Seriously, ‘AMDG’ is NOT a secure password.”

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