Msgr. Guido Marini reconfirmed as Papal MC

Today I saw on the front page of the Holy See’s daily that the Holy Father reconfirmed Msgr. Guido Marini as Master of Ceremonies for another term.

Good sign.

Pope Francis is keeping certain of Pope Benedict’s people pretty close.

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  1. Robbie says:

    Is this a new five year term? I know he was first appointed in 2007 and then reappointed in 2012 to another five year term that would last until 2017. Does this mean he’s in the job until 2019, or is this a reaffirmation that he’ll remain in the post until the current term ends in 2017?

  2. TNCath says:

    Despite Pope Francis’ “indifference” or “simplicity” when it comes to liturgy, the ceremonies at St. Peter’s have not drastically changed since Pope Benedict’s resignation. While our current Holy Father doesn’t sing–ever, tends to use more Italian at his Masses and other ceremonies, and prefers to wear simpler vesture, one can still detect Msgr. Marini’s influence on papal liturgies. I suspect that Pope Francis will rely on Msgr. Marini more and more as time goes on, and perhaps Msgr. Marini’s influence will rub off on Pope Francis as well.

  3. majuscule says:

    I’ve been watching very carefully when I view the Masses at St Peter’s and I detect that Pope Francis has a true feeling of warmth for Msgr. Marini.

    I believe our pope appreciates a man who puts his heart and soul into doing his job–and doing it well. Especially when it is for the glory of God.

  4. Frank H says:

    We should probably call a suicide watch for the folks over at PrayTell.

  5. mamajen says:

    Very good news. From what I’ve seen, they seem to have a good mutual respect for one another. I remember speculation in certain quarters that Marini’s departure was imminent.


    Pope Francis has said that he is very tone deaf. That is most likely why he doesn’t sing, and he said it makes English difficult for him as well.

  6. kpoterack says:

    Good news! May it be the beginning of even better news!

  7. tcreek says:

    No better news than this.

    Hopefully, with Guido Marini continuing in charge of Papal Liturgies, a strong indication has been given that Pope Francis is going to continue the liturgical renewal of Pope Benedict XVI.

    It is incomprehensible (to me) why Pope John Paul II had placed Piero Marini in charge of Papal Liturgies. Those liturgies gave tacit approval for other liturgical innovations around the world. Piero Marini had been the personal secretary of Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, the chief architect of the liturgical reforms that followed Vatican II.

  8. donato2 says:

    This is more than good news. It is great news.

  9. Gratias says:

    Wonderful news!

  10. Stumbler but trying says:

    “I detect that Pope Francis has a true feeling of warmth for Msgr. Marini.”

    I think it is a mutual warmth and one that makes me happy to see and to hope. I am glad Papa Francis trusts Msgr. Marini to keep him. The man is reverent and devout and calm. I am sure Papa Francis sees a holiness in him that is of much comfort to him.

    Thank you Papa Emeritus Benedict for such a gift as Msgr. Marini!
    I am sure Papa Francis thanks you as well. ^^

  11. McCall1981 says:

    Great news!

  12. majuscule says:

    I am reminded again of this short video made by a fan of Msgr. Marini when Benedict was pope:

    Truly self-possessed and level headed.

  13. Reliquary says:

    I haven’t noted by visible signs anybody whom the Holy Father seems to love more. He said soon after becoming pope that he hoped to learn from Msgr. Marini, and he hoped Monsignor would learn from him.

  14. “Pope Francis has said that he is very tone deaf. That is most likely why he doesn’t sing …”

    For centuries, priests have been required to chant the Mass at one point in time or another, regardless of whether they can sing. Chanting is not quite the same as singing, believe it or not. The Holy Father’s own admissions notwithstanding, the main factor is that he has only one working lung. That can put a damper even on chanting.

  15. Gratias says:

    Monsignor Marini organized a fantastic vigil for peace in Syria last year for Pope Francis. There was a public Rosary prayed by 100.000 people. Marini as master of ceremonies is a wonderful asset for the papacy.

    During the previous pontificate I was fortunate enough to attend 7:00 Mass at the Domus Sanctae Martae several times. It was short, 30 min and no homily, then everybody off to breakfast and to work by 8. Msgr. Marini was concelebrating – usually there were 15 priests – every single time. He was the epitomy of humbleness, never took any leading role despite being the most important prelate there as far as I knew. If you like humble, you will love Msgr. Marini.

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