LCWR, their August assembly: Where’s the “prophecy”?

As you know, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is going to have their annual confab in August.  This year they are meeting in Nashville.

As you will remember, last year I applied for press credentials, only to be coldly rejected.  HERE

As you will see, this year the LCWR organizers have not put any link or address on their site for applications for press credentials.

What is this?  Invitation only?

We have to ask: If they can’t open their mouths in public, where’s the prophetic?

If the press won’t be there, or if only their pets, their tame writers are there, how will I know when I am being “challenged” by their prophetic stance?

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  1. Bob Glassmeyer says:

    Holy Mystery Revealed in Our Midst.
    It’s called the Most Blessed Sacrament exposed on the Altar for our veneration.
    Ladies, would you please leave your goddess, pagan, man-hating ideology out of our Catholic Faith, please?

  2. Magash says:

    I’m really only interested that there be one person there. That is Archbishop Sartain. It is absolutely vita that he be there. First because I’m quite sure that the LCWR don’t want him there. Second because it is absolutely necessary that he witness with his own eyes what happens there, so that he can decide if they have responded to the mandate imposed by the Holy See on them.

  3. OrthodoxChick says:


    They’ve now added the application for media credentials as a downloadable attachment at the bottom of their “media” page, along with their media policy. A copy of the assembly schedule is also available for download on the same page.

  4. everett says:

    None of this patriarchal mass stuff for them! They’re having something called “eucharistic liturgy” instead.

  5. TNCath says:

    The ultimate irony of this entire event is that Archbishop Sartain’s sister is a Dominican Sister of St. Cecelia (Nashville Dominican) who lives at the Motherhouse there, a mere 15 minute drive from where the LCWR Assembly is taking place. Needless to say, I doubt she’ll be attending, but I can’t help but wonder if His Excellency will be staying with his sister at the Motherhouse and commuting to the LCWR meeting each day? Ha!

  6. Polycarpio says:

    Man, that logo is awful.

  7. Eugene says:

    @Bob Glassmeyer- “Ladies, would you please leave your goddess, pagan, man-hating ideology out of our Catholic Faith, please?” – so why oh why after so many years of apostasy are they still nuns, full fledged religious, where are their superiors, where are our Bishops and where are our higher members of the hierarchy, where is our Holy Father (past ones and present one) …this one lowly simple lay sinful Catholic who tries to be a good one has had enough of the scandalous speeches, the poor examples, the continual disrespect shown to Holy Mother Church and ultimately to the Holy Trinity..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  8. Toan says:

    By Holy Mystery Revealed in Our Midst, they presumably mean *their* midst, and not ours.

  9. Adam Welp says:

    I hope none of their craziness remains lingering in the Nashville air like smog in LA. I’m supposed to attend a music education conference in Nashville at the end of October. Do you know how hard it is to get Spirit of Vatican II ectoplasm out of clothes!?

  10. LeeF says:

    @TNCath who said:”I can’t help but wonder if His Excellency will be staying with his sister at the Motherhouse and commuting to the LCWR meeting each day?”

    Really? You think the motherhouse has accommodations for *men*? Unless they have retreat facilities that seems highly unlikely. More likely he will ask and receive hospitality from his brother bishop of Nashville. Of course perhaps he will say Mass at the motherhouse.

  11. LeeF says:

    How long til a majority of presenters at these annual LCWR confabs present from wheelchairs?

  12. Adam Welp says:

    @LeeF, I would think that they would have quarters for visiting clergy located away from the cloister proper. In my home county, the large Benedictine Convent had, at one time, quarters for clergy even though they were a short distance (less than 6 miles on foot) from a large Benedictine Abby and two blocks from the town parish.

  13. TNCath says:

    Historically, many motherhouses have accommodations for a chaplain/visiting priests to stay. Perhaps this is not the case in Nashville. Nonetheless, it would be great fun to watch if the dear sisters in Nashville and the archbishop gave the LCWR sisters a tour of St. Cecelia’s so they could get a quick refresher course in how real religious life is lived. I’m sure that’ll happen, in the words of Kate Smith, “when the moon comes over the mountain.”

  14. Susan M says:

    Fr Z,
    You don’t need press credentials to get in. I also applied last year for the Orlando meeting and received the same email from Sr Annemarie Saunders that you received. Was a bit upset, but decided to go anyway and just walked in. No one asked for ID and certainly no press credentials. The next day, since I couldn’t make it, a friend went and also walked in. The LCWR are a lot of hot air, so just go to Nashville and walk on in. [I like to abide by The Rules.]

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