San Francisco: Pontifical Mass!

I was sent some photos from the Pontifical Mass at the Throne on Sunday celebrated by His Excellency Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone.

First, it is nice to see the canopy.

As a matter of fact, we are getting a canopy together for such Masses here.  Brick by brick!

Also, it seems that we aren’t the only one’s to have a assemble a pontifical set from more than one set.  Still, quite spiffy.

We are doing some fundraising here for the sake of getting proper Pontifical sets.  Bp. Morlino has cordially made himself available for such Masses and we have a good crew of clerics and lay people who are getting to know the ceremonies well.

As a matter of fact, if you want to donate to our project go HERE (right after visiting my own donation button, of course).  We recently ordered a pontifical set in black.  We kept it simple for the black, since it will be used infrequently.  We’d like to get a really elegant white set, since we will use it more often.

So!  Let’s Pontifical Masses abound!  Invite your bishop to come to say a Pontifical Mass at the Throne (or Faldstool) and not just be in choir.

A last shot.

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  1. Lin says:

    Beautiful pictures! I have not seen a canopy in 50 years!

  2. tpodonnell says:

    What Church is this? Certainly not the new Cathedral in SF. Is it the old one still downtown near Nob Hill?

  3. Cantor says:

    Whatever became of the Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music in the San Francisco Archdiocese? This Liturgy seems like precisely the place for it to make ts presence known, Yet in the year since its creation I’ve heard not a word. Just another failed attempt?

  4. majuscule says:

    The church is Star of the Sea In San Francisco. Mass in the Extraordinary Form every day for the last few years.

    There was a place to sign up to be notified when the Benedict XVI Institute officially got underway on their web page. Still waiting, but have a little patience. You know how fast the church moves.

  5. roseannesullivan says:

    To answer some questions and respond to some previous comments: Star of the Sea Church is the site designated by Archbishop Cordileone for the new Oratory of St. Philip Neri, which is in formation there. He initially chose Star of the Sea as the first archdiocesan church to have a regular Extraordinary Form Mass during regular Sunday Mass hours because, as he is quoted as saying, “it is well suited for the celebration of the Extraordinary Form Mass.” He then went on to establish the parish as the site for the San Francisco oratory, because not only is the church beatiful (and not recovated), but its rectory is big enough for priests who are expected to join the oratory to live and pray together. In addition, the parish has a school attached. The new music director, Jeffrey Morse, plans to recruit and train choristers from the school to sing at liturgies, similar to the relationship between the London Oratory and the London Oratory School; see Bringing the Inspiration of the London Oratory to the San Francisco Oratory.

    The Benedict XV Institute is well underway. Director Fr. Samuel Weber is teaching classes about liturgy and chant at the seminary and leading parish workshops in chant. For example, on Sept. 13 and 14, Fr. Weber led a two-day Sacred Music Workshop at Our Lady of Peace Church and Shrine in Santa Clara where interested parishioners were trained in chant and polyphony and the place of sacred music in the liturgy.

    Here is an interview with and article about Archbishop Cordileone from The Latin Mass journal, about initiatives he has been taking to improve liturgies in the archdiocese. This New Liturgical Movement article, “Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music” gives details about the plans for the institute. Here is a link to a Regina magazine article about the EF Mass at Star of the Sea “After 50 Years, There’s a TLM in San Fran”, which includes photos of the beautiful interior of the church.

  6. roseannesullivan says:

    Just as an aside, the framework for the canopy was built by the Traditional Latin Mass society of San Francisco members out of PVC pipe. :-)

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