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CQ CQ CQ This is Whiskey Delta Tango Papa Romeo Sierra … ECHOLINK & APRS

UPDATE 6 Sept: No, I haven’t worked on my General in the last week or so, and, No, I haven’t done anything with Echolink yet.  However, the other day I did figure out today how to send APRS messages with … Read More

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“What was once a request to live and let live has now become a demand for approval.”

I warmly recommend to the readership a column by Francis Card. George, Archbishop of Chicago.   His Eminence knocks this one over the fence. We enter in medias res.  You can find the whole thing HERE: […] In recent years, … Read More

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$9 for a Whopper? Are you out of your mind?

I have recently seen some discussion of what would happen were the minimum wage to be raised in these USA.   Here is one interesting take, that includes some links to other articles that are worth pursuing. From Truth Revolt: … Read More

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VIDEO: Fr. Sirico on problem of multiculturalism

At the moment I am in Grand Rapids, MI.   No, this is not an Acton event.  I am visiting the parish of Fr. Robert Sirico (who happens to head up Acton Institute), to speak at a function and, frankly, … Read More

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