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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

Something is up. I’m getting many more requests for prayers than last year at this time

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

I still have a pressing personal petition.

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  1. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear friends on here,
    please, please pray for an extremely urgent parish related situation of mine/ours! Things can just explode in the next few hours. We just want peace!

    Thank you, all of you!

  2. CrimsonCatholic says:

    Please pray for the health of Bishop Baker of the Diocese of Birmingham. He went into surgery to remove some kidney stones and has been in the hospital now for three weeks with a nasty staff infection. I’ve heard that he has been in really bad shape.

  3. katerosemar says:

    I’ll pray for “all the intentions posted on this list”–God knows what they are/will be, even if I don’t go back and check for updates right away.

    Please pray for my mom’s 4-hr surgery on Saturday and her subsequent recovery, for my dad’s medical care, and for my personal intentions–especially a cluster of work-related issues to be resolved before the end of the year.

  4. yatzer says:

    Prayers for all. I would appreciate prayers for my family that used to be stable in spite of ups and downs in life, but is now dealing with porn, alcohol, massive divorce, and homosexuality in the present younger generation.

  5. av8er says:

    Please pray for a good friend of mine who returned from deployment with nerve damage and no real solution to fix/cure after tests were done. Also pray for me that I have the strength to carry out God’s will regarding a personal matter.

    Thank you, I will pray you as well.

  6. ClavesCoelorum says:

    Friends, I don’t mean to be egoistic, but may I request your prayers for me and all those affected by this situation? I am going through a time of heinous mortal sin that has affected others equally badly.

  7. FloridaJoan says:

    A rosary offered for all the intentions here and I ask that you please pray for my 1st grandchild ( Daniel) who has ” lost his way “.

    pax et bonum

  8. Filumene says:

    I beg prayers for a family. There is something exceedingly evil going on and there will be much courage needed to fight it. Please pray for a holy perseverance in this battle and for the grace for people to see the truth.

  9. Allan S. says:

    I once again have received a serious diagnosis, and am at risk if sudden death.

  10. magistercaesar says:

    Please pray for a dear friend of mine. He has a past that he is sincerely sorry for (porn addiction, hookup culture, etc) but even now that he is a devout Catholic who attends daily Mass, Confession, and Adoration, he has a lot of self hate and feels that he doesn’t deserve the graces and friends that he is blessed with. It’s a dark time for him and we are hoping to bring him out of it.

  11. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Two men I know recently lost their jobs unexpectedly: John and Joe. Joe is married with five young children.

  12. Ferde Rombola says:

    magistercaesar, your friend will benefit from the knowledge his guilt is from Satan, who is laboring to draw him away from the Lord, who has forgiven him if his contrition is sincere.

    “Let God arise! Let His enemies be scattered! Let those who hate him flee before His Holy Face!”

    A prayer for Allan S. and for all who beg God’s mercy.

  13. andia says:

    Please pray for a special intention for Father David B.

    Please Pray for all priests.

    Please pray for me as I struggle with my place in the church and where God wants me.

  14. Mr. Graves says:

    Prayers said for all intentions. Please remember in your prayers, if you don’t mind, a friend’s brother (husband/father with small kids) recently given bad medical news and a private intention. Many thanks to all!

  15. +JMJ+ says:

    Please pray for my three sisters and my brother-in-law, who have strayed from the faith. Please also pray for my parents, that they may have the continued grace to deal with my sisters straying.

  16. Cascade_Catholic says:

    All intentions have been prayed for.

  17. I will add all the above intentions, and Fr. Z’s to my rosary.
    I would like to ask for your prayers as I continue my novitiate as a Dominican sister, especially that I do not become unworthy of and ungrateful for the graces the Lord has been giving me. Thank you.

  18. Sonshine135 says:

    I am asking prayers this day for a coworker who moved back home to take care of his ailing parents, and then was hospitalized with a sickness himself. I pray for God’s mercy upon him and his family.

  19. Mike says:

    Please pray for the continued advancement of the Washington, D.C.-based community-in-formation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri.

  20. SaintJude6 says:

    Please pray for a teen daughter who has cut her entire family out of her life to live in a scandalous situation.

  21. John Grammaticus says:

    all in my Rosary

    May I ask for prayers that after 4 years of searching I can find a Diocese / Traditional Religious House that will have me, and for an urgent personal intention.

  22. Bea says:

    Please pray for my husband’s health.
    His PSA has almost doubled from his last doctors visit and will now be checked to see if his cancer has spread into the bones before they decide what his next options will be.
    He’s taking it calmly “my bags are packed” he says (to quote a recently canonized saint) but I am quite scared for him and don’t know what I could ever do without him.

  23. Margaret says:

    Please pray for a young man (16) with alcohol and drug issues. It’s not even clear that he views it as a problem, or that he’s aware of the heartache he’s causing his family.

  24. suedusek says:

    Please pray for the conversion of Tammi K. It is urgent. Thanks!

  25. Lin says:

    Please pray for Jake who was critically injured at work. He was taken off life support tonight.

  26. aviva meriam says:

    Please pray for A.H.: she had her last skin graft surgery and they plan to wake her from her coma. WE have no idea if she will be blind or if there was damage to her mind from the fire.

    Please pray for A.C: he’s a great young man struggling to manage a very ugly problem not of his creation. He’s been the recipient of false witness by a young classmate with severe emotional challenges.

    Please pray for me: I’m struggling, and have three urgent intentions. I’m discouraged and struggling to find my way back.

  27. VexillaRegis says:

    Praying for all of your intentions. Would you please join me in my prayers for our commentator friend The Sicilian Woman.

  28. spouse says:

    There’s a man I dearly love who is literally shattered by temptations of a peculiar sort. I pray hard to help him through this difficult moment, but it’s been years, now. His guardian angel and St. Micheal need to be prayed, in order to give him the necessary support…
    Let’s pray for each other and for this man too.
    Thank you.

  29. rtrainque says:

    For the diocese of Burlington VT to receive a replacement for the much missed Bishop Matano soon. God willing, someone traditional-minded who will push for the faithful adherence to the rubrics of the N.O. and even more, facilitate more opportunities for the TLM (if that means inviting the FSSP into our diocese, even better). Recent goings-on as appointments are concerned don’t exactly inspire hope on the natural level, but God has certainly surprised me before!

    Prayers for those like myself trying to discern a call to marriage in the authentically Catholic sense are also much appreciated. These days, finding another young person who will help you become a saint and with whom things “click” is no easy task for most.

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