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ASK FATHER: Sick at home in bed movie list

From a reader: QUAERITUR: I am home sick with bronchitis and have been passing the day away sleeping and watching movies, which got me thinking when I visited your blog. If you had a top 10 movie list of your … Read More

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RNS smear of Card. Burke

Liberal Religion News Service is less and less careful to pretended objectivity when it comes to coverage of Catholic matters.  Crux, by the way, took what follows lock and stock. Watch how they paint him, smear, with words and premises which … Read More

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In your goodness, will you stop and, right now, say a prayer for a cleric who is going through some ecclesiastical … there’s no other way to put this… persecution of the liberal sort. It’s as nasty as I have … Read More

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Why do liberals have a spittle-flecked nutty about the cappa magna? Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Last night I watched the BBC (on demand) coverage of the Remembrance Sunday ceremonies in London. No one does ceremony and music like the British. The sober ceremony, with its essentially unchanging script, got me thinking about the need we … Read More

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Thank you, Veterans.

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