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Last original WWII Navajo Code Talker, a Marine, dies on the birthday of the Corps

The last Navajo Code Talker, Chester Nez, USMC died on 10 November 2014, the 239th birthday of the Corps. They played a vital role during WWII. From AZCentral Marine veteran Michael Smith wept Wednesday when he heard about the death … Read More

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¡VIVA LA SOTANA! A video about …

A reader sent me a a link to a video trailer for a Spanish language documentary about the cassock. Yes, the cassock. While the video struck me as being perhaps a little saccharin. I’ll give them a pass for being … Read More

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Happy 239th Birthday, Marines!

Happy 239th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! Oorah and thank you.

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A palindrome for St. Martin’s Day

From a reader from back on 11/11/11: I thought that you and your readers might find this legend of Satan, St. Martin of Tours, and two exquisitely long palindromes, to be of interest particularly on this palindromic day of 11/11/11. From The … Read More

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Good comments on Card. Burke and on a serious translation error

I had intended to write today about the translation error in the English version of the recent Synod’s final document.  However, over at The Catholic Thing, Robert Royal covers the issue well and says many of the same things I had … Read More

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