ACTION ITEM! POLL ALERT! – Crux poll on recent Synod of Bishops

I have stopped looking at Crux as often as I did when it first entered the fray.

Why?  They say they want “balance”.  I don’t see much balance.

Today an email blurb arrived with teases about the fare they are proffering today.  Leaving aside the subject matter:

Cathy Lynn Grossman
Margery Eagan
David Gibson
Nicole Winfield
Lisa Miller

Sapienti pauca.

That said…

One of you readers brought to my attention that Crux has a POLL today about the last Synod. I wouldn’t ordinarily pay much attention to this either but I was irritated at the blatant distortion in the questions.  Scroll down from the top, it’s a way down on the left side.

Here is a screen shot… NB: It’s not like I’m trying influence your vote or anything…
UPDATE: The poll questions are, I hear, now rearranged.  Don’t just click the choice at the bottom.  Read them first.

First… how do I “feel”?  Second, “not more mercy shown”?  Really?

The implication is that since the Synod participants did not simply endorse Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried, they didn’t show “mercy”.  I respond that it is NOT MERCIFUL to tell people who are objectively living in a bad state can go to Communion, it is NOT MERCIFUL simply to jettison the clear words of Christ in the Gospel.

Also, note how they pit “mercy” against “doctrine”.  Grrrrr.

So, I think that you readers ought to go over there and help them with their poll. Scroll down, watching the left side.

Right now here are the results.

Get out and vote… Chicago style or not… and get your friends to vote too.  Maybe even guide the mouse for them.  CLICK HERE and scroll down, watching the left side.


I posted this just over 3 hours ago.  Now just look what you have gone and done!

It’s nice to be helpful.  Please make sure their poll is a great success! Get the vote out!


And where are we now?

UPDATE 7 Dec 2045 GMT:

It seems that you are still working on this.  Good!  Vote!

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  1. FrAnt says:

    I just voted. How about you?
    Funny how people don’t understand that admonishing the sinner is an act of mercy.

  2. texsain says:

    Do you have a link? I don’t see one.

    [I added a few more links. Scroll down watching the left side.]

  3. george says:

    Be careful when you vote, they change the ordering of the questions.

  4. frjosh says:

    Isn’t Crux just a reimagining of NCR? In all honesty, I just see it as a rebranding without NCR’s baggage, in an attempt to keep the “conversation” alive.

    If you don’t see it, scroll down and keep your eyes to the left.

  5. Patti Day says:

    Voted. The poll is down on the left
    Keep scrolling.

  6. Athelstan says:

    What most of them want, alas, is not mercy but license.

    The reality is that, hedging and nuances swept aside, many of the advocates of the “mercy” line at the Synod really do not believe that divorce, remarriage, homosexual acts, extramarital sex, or communion received not in a state of grace are actually grave sins.

  7. Paul says:

    Pay close attention to what your selection, the responses are not static and if you “just choose” the second option you may not be voting for what you think…

  8. acricketchirps says:

    So, FrAnt, does that mean you clicked sorry there wasn’t more mercy?

  9. VexillaRegis says:

    I just voted and it seems that a lot of other orthodox Catholics have done so too :-)

  10. Lepidus says:

    Just did my part. Up to 41.49% now….

  11. Someone please be the Garrigue says:

    I still like to read John Allen’s pieces. He leans slightly towards the middle.

  12. John V says:

    It appears that the order in which the choices are listed changes with each viewing. Perhaps this is a technique to thwart Fr. Z’s readers, who might simply choose the bottom entry as shown in the screen shot without reading the words. After all, we are “lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”.

  13. Harris says:

    43.6% now…

  14. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Looks like some 400 Zedheads voted since Fr. posted:

    Saddened there was not more adherence to doctrine 44.01% (1,051votes)
    Disappointed there was not more mercy shown 41.5% (991 votes)
    Pleased there was a compromise 14.49% (346 votes)

    Total Votes: 2,388

  15. mburduck says:

    Just did my part. Glad to help, Father.


    [Bless you, my child. God loves a cheerful giver!]

  16. jacobi says:

    On the subject of the Synod and “polls” I would refer all to the recent interview given by Bishop Athanasius Schneider to the Polish magazine, Polonia Christiana on 4th November 2014. This is surely the definitive analysis of the grave faults of this first session of the Synod and a warning of what the Relativist Reformers will still try for in the second session.

    The Bishop makes several points, apart from the obvious that no one from Pope downwards can alter the meaning or practise of doctrine. But in particular he considers the fact that a matter of doctrine, the Indissolubility of marriage and allowing Adulterers to receive Holy Communion was put to a vote is,
    ” grievous and represents an attitude of clerical arrogance towards the Divine truth of the Word of God.”
    Perhaps more so, he points out that although the necessary two thirds majority was not achieved by the Relativists, nevertheless what he calls astonishing but I would suggest frightening, is the fact that
    ” the absolute majority of the present bishops voted in favor of Holy Communion for the “divorced and remarried”,

    That means that a majority of bishops voted for heresy.

    If this is repeated in the second session then truly, whether you call a Silent Schism or a second

  17. CatherineTherese says:

    Voted. [facepalm] I do not waste my time visiting Crux and am even more unlikely to bother with them now.

  18. Traductora says:

    I don’t think its only the Zedheads. The Pope made a rather silly statement today to the International Theological Commission in which he told them that they had to listen to the “ordinary people” and “open their eyes and ears to the signs of the times.”

    I think the Pope believes that the “ordinary people” (assuming he was talking about practicing Catholics, of course) are going to be raving liberals, but the secret is that the laity is in general much more conservative than most of the modern clergy, and certainly more so than many in the Vatican.

  19. jacobi says:

    The bit clearly missing at the end of my comment is,

    – second Reformation, then the Church is heading for a permanent split.

  20. Mike says:

    Done. Glad to help; even gladder to be quit of Crux for what I hope is another looooong spell.

  21. Kathleen10 says:

    I think it’s at 52% now.
    The only name on that list I recognize at all is Cathy Lynn Grossman, who was or is the head of USA Today’s “Faith” section or what have you. She became insufferably inflammatory about five years ago, more or less, demonstrating the usual pot stirring.

  22. Thanks Father. This was a good warmup to 2016.

  23. Martlet says:

    57.59% on this cold and foggy 6th December.

    As for those who don’t bother with Crux, I tell myself that there are more readers than those who comment, and that it is in the com-box that we can hope to reach these readers. I am not an apologist. Simply a “heart and soul” Catholic whose mouth keeps running and whose fingers keep typing, because in this day and age, there appears to be no option other to try and speak truth in this increasingly deaf world. I often wish there were more apologists there to comment.

  24. Netmilsmom says:


  25. CruceSignati says:

    Just voted this morning. Please, don’t ever make me go back there again!
    Quick story: a couple months ago I visited Fishwrap’s Facebook page. I understand why St. Nicholas felt the need to punch the heretic now.

  26. pj_houston says:

    When it comes to progressive liberals, it’s all about “feelings” and not Truth.

  27. JARay says:

    I have added my bit and I did not fall for voting the wrong way by accident.
    I note also that they are inviting comment from their readers on the matter of assisted suicide. Clearly they think that supporting it, is an option for faithful Catholics.
    I rather think that their blog is misspelled!!!
    I should read “CROOKS”.

  28. JesusFreak84 says:

    Crux = an NCR with the minimal integrity to not have “Catholic” in their name.

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