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My wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this coming year.  We are regular attendees of an Extraordinary Form Mass at a local oratory dedicated to the same.  We are planning some sort of celebration for the occasion, but would like to start of with an appropriate Mass.  Are you familiar with any options for an Extraordinary Form Mass, preferably a High Mass, for the celebration of a wedding anniversary?

If the calendar permits, for your 25th and your 50th there can be a Votive Mass of the Trinity or the Blessed Virgin Mary with additional prayers “Pro gratiarum actione“.

It can be Low Mass, Sung Mass, or Solemn Mass.

After Mass there can be a blessing, found in the Rituale Romanum.

There are rubrics for this in the Roman Missal in the section on Votive Masses. Ask your local priest about this.

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  1. yatzer says:

    Thanks for the info. We’ll be celebrating our 50th soon, God willing.

  2. q7swallows says:

    Thanks for this post! Our 25th is this year too! Nice to know what the options are . . . .

  3. Cranky Old Man says:

    Ah, the joys of translating rubrical Latin.

    12. On the Twenty-Fifth and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Celebration of Matrimony.

    On the twenty-fifth and fiftieth anniversary of the celebration of Matrimony, the Mass of the Holy Trinity or the Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary may be said as a Second Class Votive Mass, with the added prayer “for thanksgiving,” under a single conclusion with the first prayer.
    This Votive Mass is not permitted on days of the First Class and on Sundays. Even on those days, however, the prayer “for thanksgiving” can be added, unless it occurs on the feasts of the Nativity or Epiphany of the Lord, the Sacred Triduum, Easter Sunday, the feast of the Ascension or the feasts of the Most Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Christ the King, as well as the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed.
    When the Mass has been concluded, the prayers which are found in the Roman Ritual are said over the married couple.

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