Darth Vader v. Batman

This is very cool.

WARNING: The last minute or so of this counts among the most annoying video and audio I have ever seen or heard. Till then, however…

And now, just because it is so wonderful, once again the Passat commercial.

BTW… in this annoying video HERE there is a scene from the same people in which Vader faces off with Gandalf and then takes the Ring from Frodo.

And then there’s Captain America v. Master Chief. Hmmm….

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  1. Jerome Vincent says:

    I am simultaneously both at a loss and strangely privileged to have witnessed that.

  2. Siculum says:

    Video 1: That was so cool! Definitely brought me to the lighter side of the force on this dark knight.

    Video 2: No wonder Father Z has a Passat… I think…. Very, very good car, except for when you have a dead battery and can’t unlock the car manually to open the hood….

  3. Then there’s this personal all-time favorite commercial . . . .


  4. Kathleen10 says:

    That Passat commercial is excellent! As a child, who didn’t want to have super powers? I remember tying a towel around my neck and jumping out of trees, sure I would fly at some point. I grew up to be blessed with a cute little Darth Vader just like that one running around our house. Only he really wanted to be Boba Fett.

  5. Sconnius says:

    Super Power Beat Down from batinthesun is fun, but they let the fans decide who wins, which has its ups and its downs. The videos are phenomenal, though. I like Deathbattle from ScrewAttack, as they go into the science and stats to determine a winner, but the animation isn’t that great.

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