My View For Awhile: Final Flights Edition

Two more flights to wind up this calendar year. Alas, it has to be one from Orlando. Happily it’s a short hop to the next, and last leg. I think Orlando may be the airport I hate more than all others to fly into and out of.



On the ground and dreading this leg. My ears blocked up on the last one. The last half hour would have been a worthy EIT.

Parce, Domine!

Blech. Cough.


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  1. jacobi says:

    And no impromtu press conferences standing up in flight without a safty belt!

  2. CAWP says:

    Safe travels! If you’re in need of reading material to fill up the old Kindle for this trip, a book whose cover I designed (my day job for my sins) is free over the Christmas period – an old-fashioned English detective mystery, with a Catholic detective no less. Wouldn’t mention it if it wasn’t free, as it’s obviously a bit grubby to profit even indirectly from someone’s comment section; I even feel a touch bad mentioning it at all, but I think it is a fun read that you would like, and it is going for $0 at the moment. Obviously please do delete this post if you feel I’ve overstepped the house rules in any way!

    A link to it (using the trusty WDTPRS search box) is:

  3. Dcduo says:

    It’s sound advice though. Have you ever tried to fasten the safety belt whilst standing up? Difficult isn’t the word.

  4. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Flying is a nasty chore. Midway airport in Chicago is a nice one, as is my hometown of Denver. The California airports but for Oakland are all pretty shabby.

  5. Mike says:

    No airport in these USA is more soul-destroying (literally) than Las Vegas. That said, I concur that Orlando is no thrill. Today all air travel is a mortification.

  6. yatzer says:

    O’Hare gets my personal vote for least desired. I don’t fly all that much, but have trouble every time I go through that place.

  7. jflare says:

    EIT via a Google search seems to refer to an Engineer, but I consider that unlikely.
    So.., EIT in this context refers to..?

  8. mormormax says:

    Did you forget to wipe down everything around you with sanitizing wipes? Never fly without them and especially if you are going in or out of the Orlando airport. Sorry you are sick. I have and will pray for your quick healing.

  9. trespinos says:

    EIT’s have been in the news recently ….. enhanced interrogation techniques, some of which may fit the definition of torture.

  10. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Las Vegas really is soul-numbing.

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