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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

Something is up. I’m getting many more requests for prayers than last year at this time

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. You have to be registered here to be able to post.

I still have a pressing personal petition.

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  1. The Sicilian Woman says:

    I will add to my Rosary all intentions to be posted here. (Hello to VexillaRegis! I hope you and your family are well. You are in my Rosary.)

  2. BobNYCatholic says:

    Praying for all the intentions from the previous post of Nov 7 and any added to this post. Dear Mother Mary please pray for all these petitioners that Our Lord may bestow his grace and answer their prayers.

  3. aviva meriam says:

    I will continue to pray for all the previous intentions as well as any new ones;

    In gratitude for the healing extended to A.H.: she awoke from her coma and has begun the long road towards healing.
    In gratitude for getting J.A. through this latest round of surgery: please God, send him the healing he desperately needs.
    I have two pressing intentions. We are in need of God’s forgiveness, and grace in two areas.

  4. russlem says:

    I will pray for all the intentions added to this post. Please pray for my family, who are at various stages of faith.

  5. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for my parish and our angry pastor. Thank you for your previous prayers!

    Dear Sicilian Woman, you are very kind. We are fine, with the exception of the shaky situation in our parish. I really hope things have changed for the better for you and I think of you every day.

    Prayers for all of your intentions here!

  6. Lori says:

    Please pray my husband is offered a new job soon. Thank you

  7. Suzanne Carl says:

    In one week, My sister has developed heart problems, Aunt Sarah has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and my sister’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Please include us all in your prayers.

  8. av8er says:

    I ask your prayes for my marraige that is going through a very trying time.

    I will remeber you all in my prayer intentions.
    Thank you.

  9. Menagerie says:

    Please pray for Mary, suffering from ovarian cancer, and also for Jen and her little son Thomas, born prematurely, mother and son having serious problems. I also ask your prayers cor a personal petition.

    All your needs will be in my prayers as well. Thank you.

  10. samgr says:

    Kindly offer a prayer of thanksgiving for my brother-in-law’s fiancée, whose inoperable cancer has responded so well to chemotherapy that the tumor on her intestine has disappeared and the other near her liver and pancreas has shrunk enough to remove.
    Thank you.

  11. Cafea Fruor says:

    Please pray for my mother. Mom’s schizophrenic and was recently hospitalized, and the family’s scrambling to find her an assisted living facility that’s equipped to care for someone who’s severely mentally ill, takes Medicaid, and has space available. The pickin’s for such a trifecta are so, so slim.

    And please pray for my family as we try to deal with this mess, which is re-opening decades-old wounds caused by Mom’s illness and wearing heavily on everybody.

  12. Cafea Fruor says:

    Forgot to add: And I’m praying for everyone’s intentions as well!

  13. jameeka says:

    I would like to ask your prayers for a desperately ill 32 year old woman, AB, who has not been able to stay out of the hospital more than one or two days in the past 6 weeks . With the double whammy of internal bleeding and blood clots, she may need to have her colon removed in the next day or so. Thank you very much for your prayers and I continue to pray for all intentions here.

  14. stjoe says:

    Please pray for our daughter, who has multiple exams this month, especially organic chemistry, which is very difficult for her, that she may comprehend well and do much better on the exams and bring her grades up.

    Our family promises prayers for your needs as well!

  15. friarpark says:

    Please pray for my wife. We are waiting on biopsy results to see if a colon tumor is cancerous or not.

  16. gaudete says:

    I ask for your prayers for the Papal Swiss Guard Commander and his family, soon out of job and now slandered in secular media.

  17. prayhopedontworry says:

    Please, I humbly beg your prayers for me. I have some undiagnosed medical problems for the past six months that have taken a toll on my health. For my sweet newborn, that she may be unaffected. Also please pray that my husband may find a good job, as he recently received a layoff notice. Thank you !

  18. AnnTherese says:

    Today, my brother is undergoing another angioplasty, and he already has 39 stents in his heart and cardiac system– which is extraordinary. This is always a critical procedure for him, given his fragile health. I also ask your prayers for his heart and soul, and a healing of the wounds between us. Thank you–and I am happy to pray for all of you, as well.

  19. Mariana2 says:

    Praying for all.

  20. John Grammaticus says:

    I know this might sound a little worldly but….

    I found out on Monday that I’m being made redundant, so I could really use a new job sooner rather than later (this is undoubtedly the worst time of year to be given the axe).

    I still need a Bishop to at least let me TRY my vocation.

    And a hundred and one other requests that I can’t put down here

  21. Bea says:

    Please pray for my husband’s cancer problems. He had a bone scan and the doctor called and he has refused to call him back but will simply wait 2 weeks for his next appointment. I am so frightened at the outcome. I don’t want the cancer to spread when it could be stopped sooner, rather than later.

    My prayers for all posters above and those to follow, too.

  22. Rachel K says:

    Please pray for my family, especially my husband who left us nearly a year ago. He has taken me to court, then dropped the case, all very stressful. I am still in financial straits. I am finding it increasingly exhausting looking after four young children the youngest of whom has Down Syndrome and is currently very lively at 3 1/2- he loves to climb! We have no contact with my husband due to his abuse and various services are involved. He seems to have lost his faith and I am fearful for the state of his soul. Thank you. My prayers for all your intentions too.

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