Commercial banned from the Super Bowl?

It seems that the NFL didn’t want this commercial during the Super Bowl.

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  1. jeffreyquick says:

    But that Nationwide commercial was just fine?

  2. MacBride says:

    Can’t imagine why :)

  3. Back pew sitter says:

    On this side of the pond it is hard to understand the American fascination with guns. To me the American gun culture is crazy. America – like the world generally – would be a better place without guns.

  4. The Egyptian says:

    well pew sitter if the criminals would oblige it might work. haven’t seen any evidence of that yet however.
    see France and unarmed cops, worked out well for the jihadists didn’t it, I do believe the guns used were illegal in France.

  5. kimberley jean says:

    Back pew, a gun is just a tool. If I bash someone over the head with a machete they’re just as dead as if I were to shoot them.

  6. Nightcrawler says:

    Did anyone else notice the “Dad” theme in many of the commercials?

    The Snickers commercial with the Brady’s was by far the best.

  7. Jack007 says:

    Funny, to many Americans its hard to understand the European desire to be subjects, as opposed to citizens. Its no mystery to me. We fought a revolutionary war in order to be free. An unarmed man is just that; a subject. I’ll take being a citizen any day of the year. That’s why I’m armed. Being called “crazy” I forgive. Its simply ignorance. When you have no argument other than complete fantasies like “a world without guns” you have no other options other than insults.
    Now, a good case could be made that fantasizing about “a world with no guns” is delusional aka crazy…but I digress. ;-)
    Back to the original post… This is just another example of the liberal double standard which is THE standard of the mainstream media. Bottom line: You will NEVER see a Super Bowl commercial which has conservative overtones, much less an obvious message.
    Jack in KC

  8. pannw says:

    I noticed the Dad theme, too. Some good, some not so much. One of them was for Toyota ? I think. The ‘bold dad’… and it was pretty conservative, Jack in KC. The strong dad taking care of things, and then after raising her right, dropping his daughter at the airport obviously joining the military, though why it had to be a daughter and not a son…can’t have it be too conservative! Ugh…

    I liked the Subway commercial about training for the ‘tough dodge’, myself. A triathlon with dodge balls…ha! Of course, I couldn’t help but think of all the poor public school kids who aren’t allowed to play dodge ball. One day soon, that commercial won’t make sense to a generation of kids. Shame. No wonder so many people are afraid of gun ownership, if we make our kids think dodge balls are too dangerous. What a bunch of wimps the left is trying to make us. I guess it makes it easier to enslave us.

  9. TWF says:

    Jack007 – you’re right…we Canadians also prefer to be subjects. Until very recently, the Church commanded the faithful to be subjects and to respect the authority of Catholic monarchs. We also don’t understand the American fascination with guns…no one up here owns guns and our homicide rate is much, much, much, much lower than yours…(about 2 per 100 000 nation wide up here).

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    Egyptian and Jack007, thank you for such great responses. You are both spot on, to borrow from the British for a second.
    Two thoughts. Europe is only just beginning to demonstrate exactly how vulnerable they are due to their own liberal approach to immigration and concepts of self-protection. Regular Americans can, and do, shoot bad guys before they commit their evil acts on innocent people. This happens with some frequency. Even our elderly citizens do it if they have to. Americans would largely take this scenario as obvious, but it must not be for many Europeans. A woman is in a house with her small children at 3 a.m. Two men with diabolical intent against her and the children break in. Question: Should the woman use the weapon in her home to protect herself and her babies? Americans up to now would resoundingly answer YES. Europeans may not. Maybe they prefer to wait for the bobbies to come hours later and draw the chalk line or whatever they do after the fact. Maybe Europeans have more decent criminals than we do. To many Americans, the European (and the American left) concept of being helpless in the face of malevolent violence, while patiently hoping for a police officer to show up, is nonsensical madness. Our American ancestors would scoff at such an absurdity! They needed and used weapons to settle this land, and passed that heritage down to us, where it is still valued and respected by many. When Jesus returns, we won’t need it any longer and will happily give it up.
    Regarding the ad, the American sports world has been taken over by leftists. ESPN, the largest sports network, is owned by ABC (Disney), an intensely leftist network that uses propaganda in it’s programming at all times. The sports world has become nauseatingly politically correct in many ways. To American leftists, the elites and the glassy-eyed followers, guns are now bad, gun owners are maniacs, and you must promote that ideology or they will punish you in any way they can, as they have proven themselves to be utter tyrants and absolutely intolerant of dissent.

  11. Moral_Hazard says:

    I’m glad adverts are getting away from the stupid foolish dad theme. I’m probably not the only guy saying, “never buying anything from them,” when he sees ads that make men and fathers all seem like bumbling idiots.

    @pew-sitter: Most American gun owners think of guns like they think of fire extinguishers. Better to have and not need, than need and not have. True American “gun culture”, not what you see in the movies, is actually very mature and respectful. People are more polite at a gun range than anywhere else.

  12. LeGrandDerangement says:

    The American “gun culture” meme is ridiculous. I’ve lived in the States my entire life (so far :-), yet I reject the gun culture characterization. I couldn’t even tell how many of my friends own them ’cause it just doesn’t come up. Yeah, we should all disarm, ’cause then no one would own them…except the criminals, of course.

  13. Jack007 says:

    @TWF et al… Americans are not “fascinated” with guns. We are enamored with FREEDOM! In Canada, you are not free. You may be deluded into thinking you are, but if you are unarmed, you are but one step from slavery. The Church does NOT and has NEVER required the faithful to be beholden to any government, Catholic monarchy included. We have been, and are, required to be good citizens as long as we are not asked to go against our Catholic Faith.
    The problem is that so many peoples of the world have never truly lived free, so they do not know better. Sadly, many others simply choose to be ignorant of history. One could cite examples from the Hellenic period through today of oppressive governments disarming citizens. Nazi Germany is one recent glaring example. The people of Great Britain live under tyranny as we speak; yet few even realize it. As long as they have their tea and football, they allow their leaders to control them and most every aspect of their daily lives. The day will come when the sheep will be led to the slaughter, and even then many will go willingly. And, lest any think I am singling out our European brethren, the average New Yorker and Bostonian is not much better off. The “nanny state” is simply the precursor to the police state.
    So, those who mock the American “gun culture” today, may soon rue the day they traded their freedom for security.
    I’ll keep my guns, and my freedom, thank you very much.
    God, guts, and guns are what made America the greatest country in the history of the world. If not for her, the common languages in Europe today would be German and Japanese. And if Europe doesn’t wake up, it will soon be Arabic.
    May God bless America!
    Jack in KC

  14. TWF says:

    “God, guts and guns are what made America the greatest country in the world…” That may be your opinion, but surely you realize how persecuted Catholics were in America for most of its history? Sure, there have been great moments and great aspects of American history, but “God, guts and guns” have also been used to enforce the brutal slavery of blacks, to seize land from indigenous peoples, and keep Catholics and other minorities in their place… America has done great things, but your triumphalism is, in my opinion, somewhat misplaced. I can’t consider either Canada or America truly great…not as America murders a million innocent babies a year and Canada 100 000… my wife’s native Dominican Republic, where the magisterium still has a powerful voice in society, still considers the murder of an unborn child to be a crime. What makes us greater? Very secular, worldly benchmarks… that’s all.
    You stating that Canadians are a small step from slavery doesn’t make it a fact. Canadians can have guns if they so choose, but most don’t see the need…with the exception of hunters and farmers and such in rural areas. The Church never encouraged the peasants of old to take up arms against their lords – quite the opposite in fact. Revolting peasants were typically condemned by the Church. This is an issue where Catholics are free to hold differing opinions, but I also keep in mind that St. Paul commanded the faithful to obey the Emperor…during a time when the Emperor was persecuting Christians.

  15. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Actually, St. Robert Bellarmino, and the Spanish Dominicans of the Salamanca school, and the entire medieval scholastic tradition of just war teaching, said that Christians were allowed to take up arms and rebel against their lords, if their lords were unjust and if they had any chance of winning without a huge slaughter. This was usually applied in the Middle Ages to other lords, of course; but occasionally it came to bear with peasants and burghers, too.

    There’s a reason a lot of Italian towns ruled themselves.

    There’s also a strong Biblical tradition of the Israelite tribal militia, where every man had a sword (and a sling, in the tribe of Benjamin). Hunting with weapons and nets is not reprehended by the Bible, either. The Lord Himself metaphorically carries a sword and a bow, for goodness’ sake.

    So yeah, it’s weird to have a thing against guns, unless you also have a thing against screwdrivers (a tool) or automobiles (a frequently misused tool that is the biggest cause of death in the world, in almost any modern year).

  16. Jack007 says:

    No, TWF, not opinion. FACT! As far as persecution of Catholics, you might be interested to know, that not one, but TWO Popes singled out America as a land where the Church was given the freedom to thrive. No other nation, including France or Spain has ever had a reigning Pontiff single it out for specific praise by such a declaration. Don’t listen to me; Google is your friend. Do your homework before you fall into the same jealous trap set by the enemies of freedom.
    As far as her current state of moral affairs, no one doubts the more America has embraced modern European values, she has declined towards ruin. I won’t even get into discussing the poor Dominican Republic. Having visited there I can be assured that it has far from been blessed by God. Its laudable abortion laws not withstanding, it hasn’t worked out very well for 99% of its populace. But, if you or anyone else wants to live there, I salute you.
    BTW, gun ownership isn’t about hunting, target shooting or collecting. Its about killing people, and as a traditional Roman Catholic it is my DUTY to be prepared to do so; if my life, liberty, property or CHURCH is under attack. And that includes any “cooperative bishops” and their so called “conferences”.
    Revolting peasants? LOL Someone has drank of the communist KoolAid, I fear. If you wish to “obey the emperor persecuting Christians” be my guest. But be forewarned…sympathizers will be given no quarter. In other words, you may be the FIRST to go.
    Blessings from America.
    Jack in KC

  17. benedetta says:

    I never used to be one to support gun advocacy in our times. However, with some things which have happened to me in the last several years that has deeply affected the security of myself and minors, I have realized that all is not healthy and well in the land of the Super Bowl viewership, and that we sure do need to protect ourselves from various things, actually all the more so, sadly. I never thought I would have to face this fact, certainly not in my own lifetime. If the government opts to persecute some or just look the other way, to then deny the citizenry the right to defend life and liberty and property is obviously a recipe for disaster. I am not going to support the wholesale destruction of the next generation, whether it be through abortion or via persecution, without giving them some recourse to protect themselves. I’m sorry if this shatters some people’s notion that America of the Super Bowl is just fine and that Secular Lifestyle is one of peace and goodness to our fellows. For that alone however I’m not going to be silent on something like this.

  18. Scott W. says:

    “I’ve never understood the American…” is nature’s way of warning that what is said next will be a raving farrago of nonsense. Imagine someone from a country where basketball was banned and trying to take him seriously when he says “I’ve never understood the American fascination with basketball.”

  19. Kerry says:

    Hmm, everything I don’t understand is also crazy. What, for instance is that British food, spotted dick? Crazy! And arresting people who have defended themselves in their own homes from break ins…? Crazy!! And watching a British soldier being murdered in the street without opening fire on the crazy killers….? Oh, what? They have disarmed themselves…crazy!

  20. Gail F says:

    Back pew sitter: Sorry people are not being charitable. It IS kind of weird. I think it’s probably part of our national character because of the way we were founded, and our long history of being able to go west whenever some of us didn’t want to be told what to do. That’s a big part of our lore — not wanting to be told what to do. Believe me, some of the stuff Europeans and Canadians do makes no sense to us either. And the Japanese! What is with THEM? Ha ha. All countries/cultures have things that are ideosyncratic. That’s one of ours, the way order and super-cleanliness is German and fanatical order and fanatical cleanliness is Swiss.

  21. Dienekes says:

    It’s a fallen world with far too many predators. The natural law expects us to defend ourselves and innocent others (particularly those dear to us) from unjust aggression. There’s certainly enough of it out there nowadays.

    Anyone who thinks that even the most benevolent government can or will keep them secure at all times and in all places needs to reboot that idea for the real world. .

    I am a hardheaded Catholic, veteran, retired LEO, and firearms instructor. I may be the person in line behind you, the guy at the stop sign, or next to you at Mass.

    And I WILL defend you in the event. (In free states in a free country, we can do this.)

    You’re welcome.

  22. Elizabeth D says:

    That commercial is chilling and wrong.

  23. transparent2one says:

    Exactly TWF! The church has always been opposed in this country. the hhs mandate is nothing new. Catholics were only accepted after becoming less catholic. Just ask Tom Jefferson what he thought of the Catholics out west and in Mexico. Ever wonder why the US government has always supported the revolutions of Mexico?

  24. Imrahil says:

    Speaking of the Super Bowl (I only watched, by chance, the first minutes)…

    my heartfelt pities to the American nation concerning the way their beautiful anthem was sung.

  25. gertrude says:

    I also believe that an armed citizen is a stablizing factor in keeping peace. Just as a strong American, now weakened in her appearance, was a stablizing nation in our world. Canadians currently don’t need guns with America to the South and NOTHING to the North, East or West !!! Once America falls, you will feel much differently @TWF when evil is on your doorstep. France, I am sure, is quite frightened right now for their children. First a force must take over, then require all to conform, which will then require faithful to denounce parts or all of our beliefs. The commerical that struck me the most, which I havent seen discussed was the Carnival Cruise line “returning to sea from which we all came?” What beautiful video, with the message that we all evolved from the sea, no Godly intervention, just nature. Points out that our blood has “virtually” the same sodium content as the ocean water. Ah, but if I drink salt water, I will die. Without knowing God our father, I will also perish.

  26. Elizabeth D says:

    This is not who we are as Christians and it is disturbing for a priest to be promoting guns.

  27. benedetta says:

    No one ever pursues or seeks out persecution or martyrdom. But I am not going to just yield over the next generation for this purpose by relinquishing a constitutional right to bear arms. I’ve had the opportunity to consider this long and hard. My heart as a mother lies in pacifism. Given what is happening has been for a long time sometimes we have to articulate what may sound hard on behalf of rhe future of innocent others. How I wish this were not so.

  28. Gerard Plourde says:

    While I personally can’t conceive of a reason to own a firearm I accept and understand the reason for the constitutional right to exist. It is equally true that no constitutional right is absolute – even the rights of free speech and assembly are subject to restrictions. The real difficulty lies in determining what those restrictions are and how they are to be enforced? As a nation we have long and successful experience in balancing rights and responsibilities. For example, I think that most people would agree that convicted felons are rightfully denied ownership. What mechanism needs to be put in place to ensure that this is complied with? Registration? Background checks? What about persons who have committed acts of domestic violence? Are existing laws that forbid them ownership reasonable? Should the mentally ill be restricted from owning guns? Is it responsible to say that no mechanism to ensure compliance should be employed because no mechanism is 100% effective? I don’t pretend to have the answers to these, but I think that as citizens and as Catholic Christians we have a duty to find them.

  29. Mary Jane says:

    Elizabeth D, why is the commercial “chilling and wrong”? I have to disagree with both of your comments. We have a right to defend our lives and the lives of our loved ones when under attack (from human or animal threat). Owning a gun and being proficient at using it is being proactive and responsible. Note that I am not saying that not owning a gun is being irresponsible – I just mean that, depending on where you live and your life circumstances, it may be definitely necessary and responsible to own a gun. For example, my grandparents live in an area of New Mexico where there are mountain lions, rabid (yes rabid!) javelinas, etc. They carry a firearm when they take walks, and they’ve had to use it a handful of times to protect themselves against these wild animals. Is this “chilling and wrong”?

    Deadly force should only be used when necessary, but if it is necessary, it is our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. I hope that none of us ever have to use deadly force…I imagine it would not be easy.

    Dienekes, thank you! (And thank you for your service!)

  30. Elizabeth D says:

    The commercial develops the awareness that the appearance of domestic tranquility is deceiving; we realize the husband is a scary character as underscored by the music and his angry words about his rights; then at the end is the shock “reveal” that it’s a commercial for guns that look like military weapons. It is chilling and repellant.

    Nothing says “I don’t trust God or my neighbor” like insisting your family home needs to be armed to the teeth.

  31. Jack007 says:

    Mary Jane don’t be too hard on Elizabeth. We are all on a journey and thankfully hers has brought her to the fullness of the Faith. God be praised! But you can’t have been in the clutches of such evil as Daily Koz and their fellow travelers and not be affected. Hoplophobia is not something that just always goes away overnight (although I have seen it happen!).
    So while I pray that Elizabeth eventually finds peace in the truth about guns, the use of force etc,. I will continue to be a fan of hers and applaud the great work she does online and in her diocese.
    Yes, I’m plugging her blog here on Fr. Z’s site. I don’t think he’ll mind. Its quite inspiring and she’s a great lady!
    Jack in KC

  32. benedetta says:

    I trust God and I trust neighbor. In fact, I think, given things that have happened to me, that I have trusted much more than the average person. This however is not the point. The point is that this, the times we are currently living in, is not a time of domestic tranquility, and in fact, far from it. I see no point to harsh on Christians or anyone who wishes to speak up for the rights of the next generation, and to portray them as so many things in the service of a desire to disarm the populus in order to chase down a fantasy. Making the prudential decision here does not make someone repellant etc.

  33. kat says:

    Thank God this young lady had her wits, training, and a shotgun, or we would be reading today about her in a much different way:

  34. Mary Jane says:

    Jack007, I don’t think I was hard on Elizabeth. I said nothing uncharitable. That said, I appreciate your comment.

    Elizabeth D, a gun is just a tool – a tool one hopes one never has to use. Owning one does not equate to a lack of trust in God or in one’s neighbor, as neither God nor one’s neighbor would be breaking into one’s home to do harm. ;-)

  35. Alan Aversa says:

    The Rosary is more effective.

  36. Mary Jane says:

    Something to think about, y’all:

    David carried and used a sling. The sling was not, as we tend to think of it, a child’s toy. The sling was a weapon that was feared. Research suggests that that the stone flying from David’s sling may have had the stopping power equal to that of a bullet fired from a .45.

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