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Audio Books, Red Shirts, and You

In addition to using my Kindle, and using regular books, I also listen to a lot of audio books as I drive or travel or putter about doing chores drinking Mystic Monk Coffee.   I’ve found audible.com has a great … Read More

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Did ISIS behead a priest in Mosul?

I am not sure if this is true or not.  That said…. From ABNA24.com: ISIS Beheads Iraqi Priest in Mosul According to locals and eye witnesses, ISIS beheads an Iraqi priest who captured him 7 month ago. Local says ISIS militants … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Do the devout have the hardest deaths?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I have been unsettled by remarks of a Dr Martin Scurr (Daily Mail 27 Jan 2015) who some years ago served the Jesuits at their HQ in Mayfair and religious attached to Westminster Cathedral. “I always … Read More

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Polish Archbishop predicts ugly confrontations at Synod: “innovators have not been idle”

At the blog Witness for Church and Pope I saw this (my emphases): BREAKING NEWS from POLAND: Archbishop Henryk Hoser: “The Church has betrayed John Paul II…they did not follow his voice, they did not acquaint themselves with his teaching” … Read More

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Pope Francis condones beating children

The catholic Left hangs on every word that the Pope has, might, could utter about global warning and redistribution of wealth.  They can’t wait to see the next airplane presser or daily off the cuff fervorino, which they hold to have … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Send Fr. Z Christmas cards from around the world – UPDATE

UPDATE: Don’t send mail to the address I had posted for Christmas Cards.  That was a temporary address. ORIGINAL Published on: Dec 22, 2014 Do people still send Christmas cards?  I have fewer this year than usual. Some one remarked to … Read More

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