ASK FATHER: Communion twice on Good Friday?

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How do you think one should understand CIC c.917 with regard to the Good Friday presanctified liturgy? Specifically, since this liturgy takes the place of Mass for the day, and c.917 says, “iterum . . . intra eucharisticam celebrationem,” rather than, “iterum . . . intra Missam,” if one were to attend two liturgies on Good Friday, would they be permitted to receive Holy Communion at both, despite neither being a Mass?

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Context.  As we have seen here many times on this blog, the Code of Canon Law for the Latin Church allows reception of Communion twice in one day, but the second time must be in the context of Mass (“Eucharistic celebration”).

The Good Friday rite isn’t really a “Eucharistic celebration”.  It is certainly not a Mass.  There is reception of Communion, but there is not a Eucharistic sacrifice.

So, no, you cannot receive Communion at a second Good Friday service.  However, if you are in danger of death, then you can receive Viaticum.

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  1. rafferju says:

    Can someone explain “Eucharistic celebration” to me. more and more I hear priests now referring to mass as Eucharistic celebration, is it some sort of false ecumenism so as not to offend other christens ears who not believe that mass is a sacrifice?

  2. Sieber says:

    You’re mean & I’m telling Cardinal Kasper!

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