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Sad. Former SSPX Bp. Williamson consecrates a bishop. Both now excommunicated.

Former SSPX Bp. Williamson consecrated another bishop. They both have incurred the late sententiae excommunication foreseen in Canon Law. The SSPX issued an official statement HERE: On March 19, 2015, Bishop Richard Williamson performed the episcopal consecration of Fr. Jean-Michel … Read More

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20 March: Total Eclipse of the Sun AND Aurora Borealis

From SpaceWeather: ARCTIC ECLIPSE: On March 20th, the first day of northern spring, Arctic sky watchers could witness something rare and wonderful:  Northern Lights during a total eclipse of the sun.  Earth’s magnetic field is reverberating from a CME strike … Read More

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John Allen, Crux, and Why 1 Million Catholics Don’t Matter

John L. Allen, Jr. at Crux wrote about the SSPX and the former SSPX Bp. Williamson, a renegade who has by now consecrated another bishop. There is something pretty chilling in Allen’s tone, when you read him carefully.  You’ll see what I … Read More

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“Dear Traditionalists,… “

Three years ago today I posted this. I haven’t changed my mind. I had this from a reader. He said he was not advocating these things. However, liberals will advocate them. I’ve got some other suggestions.  But first the wacky … Read More

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Holy League

There is a new initiative which you should know about.   My friend Fr. Richard Heilman is involved, as is His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke. HERE For more information you can also text keyword EPIC to 84576 (I think … Read More

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OLDIE PODCAzT: St. Joseph: a hymn dissected & sermon of Bernardine of Siena

Back in 2009 I made a PODCAzT about the hymn sung in the Liturgy of Hours in honor of St. Joseph. 082 09-03-19 St. Joseph: a hymn dissected & sermon of Bernardine of Siena Check it out! ____ Happy Name … Read More

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