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Spectacular video of Mont Saint-Michel

A New Advent I saw a wonderful video with footage taken in part via drone of Mont St Michel off the coast of France. It says by way of introduction: After the construction of a raised causeway in 1859, Mont … Read More

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“They paved paradise and they put up a….”

Right now I am in the midst of making daily podcasts and, in them, mentioning the Roman Station church of the day.  I provide a little history of the churches.  Thus, I am daily reminded that churches can come and … Read More

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Renaissance triumphalist crowing both in bad taste and divisive

I saw a mordantly amusing comment from Fr. Hunwicke over at his blog HERE.  He mused about the recent 50th anniversary of Paul VI going to a Roman parish to say Mass in Italian.   Perpend.  My emphases and added … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Confession and absolution via text message? Phone? VOIP?

A question pops up once in a while and I have dealt with it before.  Can you be absolved over the phone or by internet?  NO.  That would be INVALID. I was alerted to this post at the site of … Read More

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