#ACTONU – DAY 0 – My View For Awhile

I am off to Acton University today.  My view for a while today will involve a steering wheel and lots of interstate, including a goodly portion of Chicago, where I expect bad traffic.

Good for the Blackhawks, by the way.

So, it’s the long and dusty for me!  I want to get to there fairly early so that I can rest, clean up, and the get into the action.

Brick by brick for building a free and virtuous society.

With Kishore Jayabalan and Scott Hahn.


Samuel Gregg is speaking about Truth, Reason and the Quest for Equality.  


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  1. acardnal says:

    Did you bring your HT with you and your mag mount? Road trips can be a good way to QSO along the way.

    [I did! But I didn’t mount the mag mount on the way down. Maybe heading back. And after my talks are down, perhaps I set up on the patio outside and make some contacts – which should draw onlookers and questions.]

  2. TopSully says:

    Blackhawks??? It’s baseball (the sport God loves best) season where I live.

    [Look, Top. I’m from MN. I still pay attention to hockey even though it is is unnaturally beyond the time it is to be played.]

  3. KnightOfTruth says:

    This would be a good year to be at the Institute. You, Z, are fortunate to travel the world and get lots of perspective on what is going on. Attending the Institute provided interaction with good folks from around the world… and perspectives we don’t see with our Yankee eyes and ears.

  4. Nearly 1000 participants from 50 countries of many faiths and confessions. It is marvelous to mix.

  5. Siculum says:

    I am glad you are among Acton friends during these particular Laudato Si times. The carbon emissions produced by the conference just warm my heart, as well as the globe — of course.

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