#ACTONU – DAY 1 – Study Day

We are getting into the swing of things now at Acton U.

This morning we began with Mass (in the Extraordinary Form.. OF is also offered). Then I joined a group of business leaders for breakfast and some discussion.   The view from the room where we met: that’s the Gerald Ford Library down there.  It is a great visit if you are ever in Grand Rapids.  Fascinating.


Just a cool thing.  I like these mail slots in older, city center buildings.  This one is in the hotel.  I’m on the top floor, so I won’t be able to see envelopes shooting down… not that anyone sends snail mail these days.


It’s a study day today, for everyone here.  The first time participants are in their core courses.  I am working on a talk I am to give.



After a long study day, supper and a talk by Gregory Thornbury of King’s College.

Is the hipster look coming in?


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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Fantastic opportunity for those at the conference to hear you speak, Father. God bless you and all the people there.

  2. george says:

    Father, is Mass at the hotel or at Sacred Heart of Jesus? If it’s open to the public, EF morning Mass would be a real treat before work tomorrow and Friday.

  3. Good Father:
    Some of us still use snail mail. And finding those mail slots in hotels helps when you are on TDY for work, and find yourself writing out the monthly bills (being in infosec for 30+ years, and knowing of all the ways your info can get stolen…I feel more comfortable sending checks through the US postal service, as problematic as they are…) and need to get them dispached.

    Somehow, seeing old technology still in place is comforting…may you have a wonderful time at AU.

  4. AnAmericanMother says:

    We have one of those old fashioned mail chutes in our courthouse.
    The only downside is that occasionally a bulky or odd-shaped letter will get stuck.
    You haven’t lived until you’ve seen 2 judges, a law clerk, and a couple of passing lawyers jimmying a stuck envelope out of a mail slot with three wire coathangers wrapped together!
    It’s worse over at the federal courthouse, because they have separate elevator banks for floors 1-10 and 11-21, and the clerk’s office is on the high bank. They had a “blockage” and it wasn’t discovered for almost a week. Clerk observed, “I wondered why none of the lawyers were answering their mail!” They had to give extensions to everybody.

  5. Vikingconvert says:

    Welcome to Grand Rapids Father!

    I do hope you enjoy your visit to our city and will have an enjoyable and productive conference.

    May God bless you and all attendees.

  6. quo vado says:

    Were you the one who offered the EF Mass today, Father? :)

  7. Quo vado: Yes. I was he. Or is it… he was I…?

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