Of fortune cookies

No, I’m not talking about the posts of a certain Fishwrap writer…

On my way back to the SPTDV from Acton U in Grand Rapids, I stopped in S. Chicago to meet friends for Chinese at the best Chinese restaurant I know (so far) in these USA.

Ma Po Tofu … a Chinese business associate of my host for the meal said that this is better than what he finds in China.

The house special noodles.  I got a take out order to bring home for breakfast the next day.

Lamb in cumin.  WOW… this is seriously intense.

Shrimp in orange and mayo, but… crispy!





A birds eye view.


And I got a real fortune… a couple days late, perhaps.




It wasn’t easy to drive several hours after this meal, that’s for sure.

What a treat this was.  The Chinese in my town is, frankly, barely mediocre at the places the locals tout as “the best”.

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  1. Lucas says:

    I’m heading to Chicago this summer for vacation. What is the name of this wondrous place?

    [Lao Sze Chuan on Archer… South side.]

  2. Mike says:

    A five-minute walk from my favorite, Go 4 Food on 23rd. Would be interested to hear a comparison from a palate more expert than mine.

  3. Lucas says:


    My wife is Chinese and I always find that gets us better service(and food as well!) We’ve never been to Chicago’s Chinatown so I’m looking forward to that as well

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