Recent Posts, Upcoming Mass for Benefactors, and some Hate Mail

I’ve posted a lot recently, so some good posts have scrolled off the main page.  Here are some handy links.

First, some important business.

And now…

Wow.  Look at all the ASK FATHER questions.  It might be time for me to revive the ASK FATHER QUESTION BOX and get more priests involved.

Also, I’d like to extend warm thanks to all of you who are sending donations, either one offs or as a monthly subscription.  You keep this going.  And, frankly, each one is a little shot of encouragement.

I keep track of people who send donations or items from my wishlist (sidebar).  I occasionally say Holy Mass for the intention of my benefactors.

I will say Mass for the intention of my benefactors on Friday 12 June, Feast of the Sacred Heart at 5:30 PM at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff, WI.

Right now it is slated to be a Missa Cantata.  If I can get a couple more clerics, we can make it a Solemn Mass.

BTW… I get shots of encouragement through my hate mail as well!

I know I am doing things right when I get notes like the one that recently came in from a cleric who works in a diocesan chancery on the East coast (yes, I found you).

To the hater: I saved your emails.  I’m thinking about sending copies of the last email, with the threat, and your previous charming emails as well, to your bishop.  That should be fun for everyone!  I saw in your bio, by the way, that your liturgical mentor was Bp. Remi de Roo!  He was the celebrant at this unforgettable Call To Action event….

Watching this video might make Catholic eyes and ears to bleed!

In any event, Reverend Mister, I’ll add your name (which I know) to the list of the good people for whom I will say Holy Mass on Friday.  You clearly need some serious prayers and there is nothing more efficacious than a Mass.  God bless you.

In the meantime, dear readers, please stop what you are doing and, right now, say a prayer, perhaps a Memorare, for this troubled soul.

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