1 July: St. Aaron, brother of Moses

Some people may not realize that many great figures of the Old Testament are considered saints and are listed in the Roman Martyrology.

1 July, is the feast of St. Aaron, the brother of Moses (also a saint).

Here is his entry in the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum:

1. Commemoratio sancti Aaron, de tribu Levi, qui a Moyse fratre oleo sacro unctus est sacerdos Veteris Testamenti et in monte Hor depositus.

Who wants to translate this for the readers?

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  1. Paul M. says:

    The commemoration of Saint Aaron of the tribe of Levi, who was anointed priest of the Old Testament with holy oil by his brother Moses and was buried on mount Hor.

  2. everett says:

    We celebrate our children’s feast days, so we were happy to be able to find Aaron on the calendar a few years back. It’s a big week for feast days for us, as we have a Peter and myself and another son with a middle name of Paul.

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