Day 2: Canon Law Conference – VIDEO greetings to you readers from Card. Burke


This video might be hard to view using Chrome.

The conference is named also Speculum Iustitiae … “Mirror of Justice”, which is a title given to Our Lady in the Litany.

We continue today with a presentation on the Apostolic Penitentiary.  I’ve been through this material quite a few times but I’ve picked up a couple new items. 

Thus we continue.

It is always good to review these important points about the internal forum and recourse to the Holy See in the case of occult (“hidden, non-public” matters).  Repetita iuvant, as Card. De Magistris used to say.

I will have a new video later.

We heard a talk by Leonard A Leo of the Federalist Society on “What Does the Constitution say or not say about family and marriage”.  Yes, Obergefell was a main topic.

The Shrine is a true pilgrimage spot for spiritual renewal, you know.  It is associated with St Mary Major in Rome.  You can gain indulgences through a grant from that Basilica.

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The Latin document is posted in the narthex.

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Archbishop Broglio preaching at Mass.

Here is another great detail about how people are taken care of here.

There are little steps for children by the water fountains.  Some had noticed the need and for a while – so I’m told – there were plastic ones.  But since everything here is first class, a local carpenter made some of these for use around the building.

Class.  Very thoughtful.  Attention to detail like this is a manifestation of their ministry and that, quite simply, these are really nice people.

Card. Burke answering a question.

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  1. Luvadoxi says:

    Hi Father–I don’t know if you intended for us to be able to read the screen near your comment on the internal forum, but I can’t read it, even when I enlarge the print….

  2. Elizabeth D says:

    The video told me I need a plugin but did not specify which one. I was not able to watch it streaming but was able to download the video and watch Cardinal Burke’s sweet words in Windows Media Player. Made me smile. I wish I could attend things like this. There was a Marian conference with him and Abp Cordileone coming up there at the shrine that I had wanted to attend but I don’t drive so even if I had money I did not have a way to get to it. I remind myself the goal of the Christian life is to be holy and there will be something much better than attending a conference in heaven.

  3. pseudomodo says:

    The Latin Document is signed by Bernard Francis Cardinal Law.

  4. TWF says:

    Pseudomodo: Cardinal Law was Archpriest of St. Mary’s Major for a time. Retired now.

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