Liberals – unmasked

Remember… Planned Parenthood was initiated to get rid of undesirables.

Everyone… take a moment to go to Crisis and read Fr. George Rutler’s new offering. HERE

A sample…

Christ cannot be psychoanalyzed because he is perfect.  It would be like seeking flaws in pure crystal or long shadows at high noon. That is why he may seem from our fallen state in a singularly ill-contrived world as both severe and merciful, ethereal and common, rebellious and routine, rustic and royal, solitary and brotherly, young and ageless.  His perfection is a stubborn enigma to the imperfect, but if there is to be one hint of the art that moves his mind, it will be in his pity.  It will be in his pity for the whole world when he weeps over Jerusalem; but most wrenchingly it will be in his pity for each soul when he sees us scattered on the hills like sheep without a shepherd.

He warned about wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matt.7:15) and that disguise was the cunning deceit and dark tragedy of the modern age.  The modern wolves, those seductive tyrants and demagogues, wandered freely and devoured as they did because they were given fertile pasture and friendly forests by a stranger creature in more subtle disguise. Churchill detected it when he called Clement Attlee a sheep in sheep’s clothing.  Here is the moral weakling who thinks the wolf is a sheep because he sees no difference between the two and if he did, he could not care less.  Malcolm Muggeridge wrote in “The Great Liberal Death Wish”:

Not Bolshevism, which Stalin liquidated along with all the old Bolsheviks; not Nazism, which perished along with Hitler in his Berlin bunker; not Fascism, which was left hanging upside down, along with Mussolini and his mistress, from a lamp-post—none of these, history will record, was responsible for bringing down the darkness on our civilization, but liberalism. A solvent rather than a precipitate, a sedative rather than a stimulant, a slough rather than a precipice, blurring the edges of truth, the definition of virtue, the shape of beauty; a cracked bell, a mist, a death wish.

Now that Planned Parenthood has been exposed for those who have willfully been blind during these years of its atrocities, all that its CEO could sheepishly manage to say of a Senior Director of Medical Services sipping wine as she cited prices for infants’ body parts, was that her “tone” was “inappropriate” and “unacceptable.”  Cecile Richards, who employs Dr. Nucatola, draws a salary of half a million dollars from the $528 million dollars of taxpayers money which our government contributed last year to Planned Parenthood’s annual budget.  That same week, 94-year-old Oskar Gröning, who had been a functionary in Auschwitz, was convicted by a German court on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder.  He admitted knowing something was wrong when a camp guard grabbed a crying baby and smashed its head against a wall.  With untutored diction and uncoordinated syntax, Dr. Nucatola blithely spoke of ways to crush a baby’s skull. [less crunchy ways] Affecting Latinity with which we may assume she is otherwise unfamiliar, she called it a “calvarium.”  Has anyone heard of Calvary?  In terms of the number of inflicted deaths and consequent dismemberments and experiments, Dr. Nucatola makes Dr. Mengele seem like Florence Nightingale.


Read the rest there.

Moral equivalence?

Damn straight.

Think now of the catholic politicians who support Planned Parenthood.  Think of their names.  Think of who, in turn, supports them and what that support means for their souls and our society and Church.

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  1. DisturbedMary says:

    Ah the profound voice of a truly learned and holy priest.

    Liberals? You want to hear about liberalism. Our bishops Are described in this page one headline in this weeks CatholicNewYork is: Bishops Cite ‘Significant Gains’ Against Death Penalty. That’s right the death penalty. Under 20 deaths a year vs over 2800 a day killed by abortion and our bishops are putting their hearts, souls and resources into reducing the number executions.

    Liberalism is a spiritual disorder.

  2. Gratias says:

    Calvarium is the medical term used for the fetal skull. Like skull rock. It is a source of bone-making cells.

  3. NBW says:

    Fr. Rutler is spot on. Excellent post!

  4. Muv says:

    Thank you for the link, Fr. Z. Fr. Rutler has given an excellent analysis, and likewise I was very interested to hear the brief interview of Fr. Pavone on Life News.

    I am relieved that these videos are being released, because it means that finally the war against abortion is being fought with highly effective espionage. The investigators have successfully penetrated the mindset of the abortionist and the places in which they operate, a realm I have long dubbed Inner Mengelia (TM).

  5. benedetta says:

    Yes, well what is human dignity if it doesn’t include the right to not have one’s skull crushed by someone’s forceps and one’s liver ripped from one alive and with pain, for money and profit, with an overseer making half a million dollars and belonging to the 1% lording it over everyone else as if completely entitled?

    You see almost all this time from my various Catholic publications left helpfully at the back of parishes or subscribed to by pastors locally where I am and based upon the silence in many places one thought might be “for” equal protection of people under the laws, for things such as civil liberties, there has been nary a word about these activities a baby ripping industrial complex funded by taxpayers at half a billion (billion) because they were evidently concentrating all their energies and efforts upon boycotting something mysteriously termed the “culture wars”, something we Catholics were all instructed to steer well away from if we knew what was good for us. If we did not understand not to play with that fire then we had what was coming to us, and we knew not what that was but it would be bad, was always the implication. If we did play with matches and got burnt, the message was further that we as horrible “prolifers” or whatever it may be certainly had it coming to us and let that be a lesson to anyone else who would consider chaining one’s self to the school of the americas baby destructing monolithic mill enterprise and franchises unlimited.

    No the culture wars were merely about trading discussion about “Mad Men”, the latest episodes of this or that, and emoticons or emoji, and the times best seller list and things such as that. It had nothing to do with the reality of the poor dying naked, ripped apart and alone, unwanted. It had nothing to do with women being coerced because of greed or poverty or both or abusive males. It was even suggested to us that we needed to have that in order to supply the other presently living and already born poor with incentives and safety nets and supports. We were told that we should not even discuss in public the notion that perhaps we could support both and all. That was crazy talk.

    Now that we are legislating these days upon rights and compassion and civil liberties, perhaps it only makes sense to revisit the assiduous teaching of yore that children should be “seen and not heard”. After all what difference under equal protections of law does it really make whether one is moments from being born or moments just after. It seems arbitrary to this unskilled and unlettered scorned writer. It seems like common sense. Indeed we should give serious thought to the reigning bigotry which targets the unborn to support public fisc, lamborghini, lobbying, politicians, civil unions, and all manner of thing. Is that not indeed taxation without representation. I say, let those several tens of millions have a rightful say. They feel pain, they think, they laugh, they are just shy of breathing…why not. Why do we still insist on this bigotry as if we are living in the dark old days that their lives matter to nothing, that we can deny them equal rights, the same rights as everyone else, under the law merely because they can’t stick the killer back with their own pair of sharp tools?

    And yet it’s all about “culture”, little “culture wars”, nothing to do with human life, as if human lives actually mattered, or even existed. It’s about what’s on the tube and on the big screen, the culture, get it, it’s about celebrating all of that, and pretending that none of that ugly other stuff is happening, or that it is being bought, sold and traded, and that big wigs and fat cats are making oodles off it, or that it is on par with any discussion of human dignity touching on “politics” right now. This is what the prevailing Catholic world, their politicians, their university presidents and theology departments, the elites in the nonprofits and the movers and shakers always told me, and woe to me that I not believe that none of that mattered.

    Defund PP! Divest now!

  6. yatzer says:

    Having read “After the Ball” about how to successfully market homosexuality (and they did, in spades), I have hoped somehow those with that kind of talent on the side of life and real love could come up with visuals which would actually get seen and have a similar impact.

  7. yatzer says:

    But then I came across this in my news reads:
    Sort of like the non-reporting of the March for Life.

  8. DD says:

    You could not have a more dramatic comparison than Obama and Patton.

  9. jaykay says:

    Yatzer says: “… I have hoped somehow those with that kind of talent on the side of life and real love could come up with visuals which would actually get seen and have a similar impact”

    But there’s the rub! Many such talented people exist and their output does get seen, and have an impact, but in the blogosphere and in the Christian press. Only some of the latter, mind – not in the Wrap, the Bitter Pill and their ilk. But their output certainly will not get seen in the mainstream, either web or print, so their impact will necessarily be limited.

    Yes, the publicity around this particular incident is unusual, but just watch the attempts to smother it! Such is the hold of liberalism on the major media outlets, and has been for decades, and it’s all now bringing forth its rotten fruit. Increasingly quickly now, it seems to me, like a torrent of water after a slow damburst. Or a sewer-burst.

  10. Paulo says:

    Well, stop the presses and forget the Planned Parenthood videos. Cecil the Lion is dead, and it must be avenged. Death to the dentist: (NOTE: the vitriol contained in the article and in the comments is not for the faint of heart). From Salon (Deliver us, Lord!): “Infuriated that the Center for Medical Progress’ deceptively edited, strategically released Planned Parenthood videos aren’t gaining traction outside of “Hannity,” desperate conservatives are trying another tactic to compel Americans to care about their little publicity stunt — comparing a legal medical procedure [which has killed more than 50 million human babies in the US alone] to the illegal hunting, stalking, and killing of Cecil the lion.”

    My heart sinks; Nero would be proud (; and the “wilfully blind” will remain so.

  11. The Masked Chicken says:

    As to the control of the mainstream press by liberals, one seriously has to ask how it is, in this day and age of instant communication, that people even watch TV news or read the mainstream press, anymore. It can’t be ease, because it is just as easy to find information on the web as on a TV or a news stand. The reason is, likelier, that people tend to pre-select information sources that support their pre-conceived notions. The simple fact is that, at this moment in history, liberals simply make splashier news, so that people are drawn to it and become invested in it. Tell a person they can’t swim in a certain stream and that is that, but tell someone they can not only swim there, but all of the wonderful benefits of doing so, and you will have days of material for putting out stories.

    We are an appetitive society and this tends to favor liberalism. Order and discipline tend to favor conservatism, but this is, often, a hard sell. Not surprisingly, those most subject to discipline – the lower ranks of the military, tend to be conservative, but the upper ranks, where entitlements and command roam free, tend to be liberal. People want control, but they want control because liberalisation has made so many thing spiral out of control. In other words, liberalism feeds on itself.

    How does one stop a run-away train? Not by standing in front of it (unless you are Superman), but by changing the slope of the road upwards, so that gravity does the work for you. In other words, when order and discipline become gravitational pulls, again, the liberal train will stop.

    This can be done, but, sadly, conservatives lack cohesion and they don’t demonstrate true joy in the same way that liberalism demonstrates their false joy. One need only compare the joy of those who waited to have sex before marriage to those who did not. It is hard to get a side-by-side comparison, but, more importantly, it is hard for many people to separate out “wicked happiness” from joy. There is a lack of feel for the beauty of truth, these days. Truth is, generally, quiet. If you want the truth to be heard, you must find a way to draw people into the silence, in the same way that liberalism draws them into the noise of lies.

    The Chicken

  12. Joseph-Mary says:

    Father Rutler’s article is incredible! I hope he will not be too persecuted…

  13. Winfield says:

    Joseph-Mary, I’m afraid Fr. Rutler’s persecution is well underway.

  14. Gratias says:

    Cecile Richards, the Planned Parenthood leader that is payed 500,000 Dollars a year for Human Trafficking of discarded humanity is the the daughter of Democratic politician Ann “Ma” Richards who was Governor of Texas and fortunately defeated by George W. Bush.

  15. benedetta says:

    I guess the limb ripping of a child within the womb has something to do, more or less, with the Detroit satanic confab, am I right?

    It’s so totally bourgeois isn’t it to limit the limb and organ ripping to within the womb, yes? I mean, what’s so special about doing it internally anyway? An onlooker not accustomed to our ways would be looking in and considering such an arbitrary construct and distinction rather silly and inefficient to the ends designed and desired. Wasn’t that what Obama was getting at back when he argued no as to the “infant born alive” idea? That we should just drop all pretense of “in the womb = fetus / outside the womb and wanted by some powerful adult = child” altogether and in the name of administration of the public fisc, expanding “abortion rights” for all even more and in enormity we should get beyond the legal fictions and adhere to the plain spirit of these penumbras which seeks the death of these offspring and justifies as having every right and even a duty to do it. I for one am relieved that we can begin speaking in terms of the dollar value and the crunchiness of the infant destroyed within the room body parts and get away from the culture wars as if hollywood and celebritydom and the times best seller fiction list are all that matters or are real. We should not shy from discussing these things under the legal rubric of “health care” should we. I see now more clearly the liberals’ crazy justification for it — having been one hesitant and opposed to the death penalty for many years — all they are saying essentially is that what is a few tens of millions of crunchy babies to eliminate when in the end we have a fisc that doles out to the poor according to some numeric limitation and expansion now and again — you know the way people say that in a democracy we can spare a few executions here and there, even heck of people who are “innocent” of the crime accused, because we need that death penalty — I see that the liberals — even some anti death penalties’ celebrity and personality arguments “Of course I am for abortion choice” to make sense now in light of all that? That it’s just a few tens of millions of crunchy parts sacrificed, all for the greater good no? Glad that is cleared up anyway!

  16. benedetta says:

    Speaking of, err, Camilles?

  17. benedetta says:

    You know, it’s interesting, just by way of follow up — another video documenting PP’s inhumane and macabre practices is out today — I was watching one of the Presidential candidates, HRC, replying publicly to a question about PP and I was struck by how she lowered her eyes and did not make eye contact during her very meticulously prepared comment to the situation.

    I have also been reflecting back to the golden years of abortion justifying of the Democratic Party which of course has led to a near blacklist or shut out and stifling of open and free speech on the topic in all their proceedings over the last decade.

    When the then governor of New York Mario Cuomo launched an address at Notre Dame University, which historians connect to a position first staked out politically by President Kennedy, the general thrust was a reaction or response to a political construct in the air that asserted in theory that anyone campaigning for office professing the Catholic faith could be automatically deemed a tool of the Pope in all legislative or policy matters within the scope of their office.

    Perhaps the first problem was to attempt to have a dialogue or then develop rhetorical or political argument based upon an assertion born of bigotry or xenophobia in the first place.

    So Governor Cuomo and a whole school of thought among Catholics has developed to mentally bend over backwards to establish how, far from being formed in terms of humanist thought with reference to Christian morality, this new generation of Catholic politicians, the elective campaign and political theory went, was so astute, enlightened and politically evolved that their only frame of reference with which to develop policy, even while standing up and professing the Credo and receiving Our Lord often quite prominently every Sunday at Mass in their cities and home constituencies, was the secular mindset of majority rule, formed through our American pluralism, without reference to any or one particular belief system.

    So all well and good for them evidently, things have trucked along according to this hallowed principle, and now not only politicians but many academics, priests, even Bishops, and other notable Catholic persons all profess that any allusion to infant body parts rightly belongs to some otherworldly and gnostic culture war that has to do with museum pieces and artifacts and little to do with the important social justice work that they do for us all to applaud and even when shamelessly referenced to part of their very Catholicism. Some even assert that their sponsorship of the atomic explosion of abortion upon demand and expansion of it is some sort of credibility that goes hand in hand with their Catholicism, which leaves more than Catholics and pew sitters scratching their heads surely.

    For decades we all as Catholics settled into that deep, pervasive silence regarding life, you know — the time when you raised some profile work at the parish shin dig which sponsored a seminar on preventing cruelty to animals and everyone looked at you like you had just farted. Or the time when you were driven away from that parish for having considered helping women in crisis pregnancies and inviting others to do the same. Or the time you raised the question that came up in your high school ccd class and the youth minister told you to present the pro choice side. Or when that same youth director mocked the World Youth Days. Or when you went to a talk at the parish on “Women’s Spirituality” and the “nun” smiled and said proudly “Of course I am for choice”. Or the time people said that to discuss the plight of the unborn was to be all about “politics” and nothing more as if lives mattered not. Whole diocesan posts supposed to be devoted to the dignity of human life were left unmanned while we chased down beaurocratic and political answers to the expanding safety net and voting according to the approved rubrics always. Week after week diocesan papers and bulletins, Bishop’s and pastor’s corners, spent on this or that or the other thing, usually having to do with closures of this that and the other thing due to “shifting demographics” but never a word towards the troubling staggering figure of tens of millions under our watch gone, snuffed out on the table, part by part, limb from limb, while blowing bubbles, grinning, dreaming, feeling pain, having a soul, a soul that a criminal on death row has just as much, as much as any other of us.

    Through all those decades, through that silence, somehow, shockingly, some young people, taught to ignore or hate on the Pope, taught that the secular mindset was always best, came to know a truth, both subjectively and objectively, through things like science, reason, reflection, empathy, compassion, even through looking after animals, even through comprehending what cruelty meant, all of this in public school, wholly secular realms, without ever once hearing what this big bad Pope had to say.

    So now we are arriving at a time when, similar to other secularly-based realizations as to public morality, a great many are saying, I don’t really care what the Pope says, it’s not because I am a Catholic or because I read what Pope Paul VI had to say that I say now that this is barbaric and that no human being should ever do this to another. A Catholic politician today may rightly say, I hear what secular humanists are saying: defund, divest from state sanctioned and funded barbarism, stop torturing humans, don’t hinge women’s equality on something that is beneath our dignity. In a way, all these Catholic politicians who lace curtain like professed too much that they cared not a fig what the Church said about this that or the other thing have really eventually done the unborn a favor in their continued and repeated assertions of independence. In the atmosphere of the last forty years which discouraged Catholics from contemplating the reality in the vast majority of places one would have expected it to be acknowledged, something has happened: the truth is out.

  18. pannw says:

    Now, unlike the fishwrap link in the new post, this is worth clicking and spiking stats. I love Father Rutler. He is a man with a chest. And as sad as I am to hear he is already suffering persecution (though I’m not surprised), I will keep in mind Jesus’ promise. “Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.” God, Our Father, please continue to give him wisdom and courage. Amen.

    Muv mentioned Father Pavone. How long has Priests for Life used as their motto, America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion? Well, we’re seeing it in all its horrific barbarous, ghoulish, gruesomeness. Now it’s out there for all to see. There are no more excuses or defenses. This is the nation’s information for ‘informed consent’. Will we reject it? Will those of us who have always found it abhorrent rally our leaders to defund this evil (and charge those responsible for criminal offenses)? Horrifyingly enough, so many are still defending the demonic PP.

    I have called both my senators, and since our House of Reps decided to let it go on while they take a summer break (grrrr….) I plan to pay a visit to my Rep. She’s usually very good, but there is some question as to whether she was part of the traitorous group who followed Renee Ellmers and killed the 20 week ban bill. I plan to ask her.

  19. benedetta says:

    Evidently America’s “liberals” just feel better, free-er, more at ease and with expansive liberty, the more babies are crunched by forceps? Of course, not their own loved ones, but others’ families, the kind that they are always trying to justify to us that life for the rest of us is better off without them. Watch them on the evening sound bytes: it’s always that no matter how inhumane, how lacking in dignity, how against humanism, the more aborted, for them, so much the better.

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