My View For Awhile & NYC – Day 4: Hot and Sticky Edition

When I headed out for parts north today it was about 95° and really humid.  Add to that black clothing (aka solar panels)

It was just about then that a priest friend sent me a photo of himself in his new white cassock with black trim.   Gotta get me one.

This is the little church in Sleepy Hollow.  I did not see anyone running around without a head.

I went to the a Missa Cantata of a newly ordained priest.  He acquitted himself well, but it was quite warm in that church, I must declare. I’m glad I didn’t have all that gear on.

Then it was off to Flushing for Chinese!   I’ve been hearing that the really good Chinese is in Flushing and now I have experiential knowledge and not only theoretical knowledge.

Indeed, the food at the (recommended) place we went was stupendous.

First, we went primarily for the xiao long bao.  Well, they can take a bow for their bao, which were, I do hereby declare, the best I’ve ever had.  I’ve eaten these in a lot of places.  These are the best so far.


These were hot and sticky, too.  They were scorching hot, as a matter of fact, and tenacious.  But… WOW.

Next, chili peppers with shredded potato.   This stuff is super addictive.  You can barely stop eating it.

A standard, shredded pork in garlic sauce.  It was very good, but I’ll be game for something else the next time.

There followed another round of xiao long bao.

The people were very friendly (not at all the case usually in most Chinese restaurants).  I really liked their polo shirts: a xiao long bao doing kung fu!

I am both glad and sad that this place is so hard to get to.

The meal included an amusing water spilling incident.  The tactical clericals proved their worth as the water simply rolled off.  I almost wish it hadn’t: it must have been over 100 in the restaurant.  When we went outside, it felt cool at 93.

And so the adventure continues.

Off we zipped past the alien spaceships, to LGA.

I arrived to find that my flight was/is (as I write) delayed so its now the “red eye”.

Security took about 5 minutes, even though the pre-check line was closed.   Since I had pre-check, however, they had an “expedited” pass, so I didn’t have to fiddle with my shoes. I was still, however, instructed to “divest” my laptop from my bag.  I’m not sure how the laptop felt about being undressed in public, or otherwise be dressed down in public.

Who writes that stuff, anyway?

The lounge is nearly empty, but there are still a few people here who seem to think that it is their private living room.


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  1. Andrew says:

    … now I have experiential knowledge and not only theoretical knowledge.

    Ut ait Plautus: pluris est oculatus testis unus quam auriti decem. Qui audiunt, audita dicunt: qui vident, plane sciunt.

  2. CPT TOM says:

    Ah Flushing…truly a great place for Chinese food.. My wife is from Shanghai and with her guidance we trackeddown many of the best places for xiao long bao and other Shanghai dishes. Alas we now live in the hinterlands of NY on the PA border where no such thing exists unless she or her father makes them. *sigh* Anyway, Flushing has the advantage over Chinatown in that the restaurants are big enough so you don’t have to share tables and, as you noted, the service tends to be friendlier.

    If you get to Philadelphia try the Dim Sum Garden or the “original” Dim Sum Garden for decent xiao long bao.

  3. JohnW says:

    Father, today in Houston the heat index is expected to be 108 degrees. I can’t wait to retire and have a summer home up north. I hope and pray you have a safe trip home.

  4. Hilleyb says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the visit to our area!
    I have to admit this is pretty impressive:
    (Marian Procession in Flushing)

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