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My View For Awhile: Chinese Food Edition

On the way to my ride home. Delta is being it’s usual pokey self, so there was more time for supper. It was time for Chinese food in Queens. Dan dan noodles.   Xiao Long Bao… the stuff of dreams. … Read More

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Before heading to Rome, noodles, differently.

Before I head to Rome (tomorrow, Wednesday – click the flag) I had to charge up with a different cuisine. I was in my native place for a couple days.  I had, among other important appointments, a meeting of my … Read More

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My View For Awhile & NYC – Day 4: Hot and Sticky Edition

When I headed out for parts north today it was about 95° and really humid.  Add to that black clothing (aka solar panels) It was just about then that a priest friend sent me a photo of himself in his … Read More

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Sunday B-Day Supper

小籠包 by 小籠包! Chinese tonight. Starting with Shanghai Juicy Buns! Pan-fried noodles. Beef and scallops on a sizzling plater. Duck! Shanghai style. And then… Well… up to this point …  

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Platitude Cookie Alert!

I had some wonderful Jiaozi and Xiao Long Bao for lunch. Then came the stupid cookie…

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Of buns and of bagels and of birds with a prize!

???? … not as good as those I often have in St. Paul, but pretty good! Meanwhile, I had my necessary bagel.  Onion, this time. These minor delights leave me as happy as a bird with its own french fry. … Read More

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