Yet another Planned Parenthood baby body parts video

Never has the label “Big Business Abortion” been more appropriate for Planned Parenthood. HERE

Another video is out, showing a PP exec negotiating the price of body parts of babies.

Planned Parenthood receives million of YOUR tax dollars.

A new undercover video shows a top Planned Parenthood official discussing “less crunchy” techniques to get “whole specimens” and haggling over the price of fetus tissue sales because she wants “a Lamborghini.”

The video released Tuesday morning, the second put out by the Center for Medical Progress, features a woman identified as Dr. Mary Gatter, who was president of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors’ Council until 2014 and now works in a leadership and advisory capacity at the local and national level of the organization. Over drinks, Gatter and the undercover activists discuss “specimen” prices, eventually settling at $100 for “intact tissue.”

There’s more.

I suspect we are nowhere near the bottom of this chilling circle of Hell.

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  1. Matins says:

    I ashamed to admit that I find myself unable to pray for these people. May God bring them Justice.

  2. Mike says:

    Here’s a finalist for the Best Tweet Award, Mengele Division:

    I guess a #Lamborghini does cost an arm and a leg? #PPSellsBabyParts @PPact— Bryan Kemper (@BryanKemper) July 21, 2015

  3. SummerMarigold says:

    I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked by all of this. If it is ok to kill babies, “crunchy methods” or not (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacckkkk!), it is ok to do just about anything. We keep praying in front of abortion clinics, is anyone doing exorcisms? I think they need exorcisms.

    I am in awe of people who can infiltrate and video tape this stuff. I would have started crying and maybe reached across the table and smacked the woman.

  4. CradleRevert says:

    The media-assisted damage-control is already beginning. It’s borderline comical how often the phrase “heavily-edited video” appears in the stories about this tape. They’re grasping at straws to come up with a defense for this disgusting, satanic corporation.

  5. ckdexterhaven says:

    Cradle revert, the sad thing is that some Jesuit publications and some Catholic bloggers are leading the waaaahmbulance, claiming it’s an edited video. Last week, CNN had a harder hitting editorial than that publication.

    I pray our bishops call their sheep to reparation and prayer for this! Seems like Catholic 101. Even w/o the bishop’s leadership we, the Church Militant, are out here praying, offering reparation.

  6. SKAY says:

    This woman reminds me of Eve eating the apple that the serpent is handing her.

    I am at a loss for words.

  7. Magash says:

    I note how all of the sources that use the phrase “heavily edited video” forbear mentioning that the entire video has been posted. No doubt the edited video highlights the worst parts of the conversation. The full source is little better. The very thought of a medical doctor eating salad and drinking wine while she discusses the destruction of human life, the trafficking in human body parts and the finances of the franchising of infanticide is disgusting.
    We can be sure that a saner future world will look on us as more barbaric than any civilization in the last 2000 years. The amount of death from pre-Cival War American slavery or the gladiatorial games and Christian martyrdom of Rome pale in comparison. We approach the total war death of WWII in numbers. Horrible!

  8. Sonshine135 says:

    Just think about what mentality a person has to have to speak in such a manner about the sale of human body parts. These people parse humanity down to a truly utilitarian manner. In other words a person is only worth what they themselves can produce. Past that, they are worth nothing. It is obvious that Gatter ( I refuse to call her a Doctor) has long since dismissed any idea of God or of human beings being created in his likeness and image. This is absolutely evil.

  9. benedetta says:

    Divest now! Defund!

    Disemboweling a fellow human being whilst alive, aka “drawing and quartering” is anti-humanist. It violates basic human rights and dignity.

    Holy English martyrs orate pro nobis!

  10. What’s surprising is that folks think that this is a new phenomenon. PP has ALWAYS been, since it changed its stripes in a veiled attempt to distance itself from its eugenics founding and Roe v Wade was decided, about money.

    Think of how much they’ve collected in the years since 1973 for the number of murders they’ve committed, legally.

    It is staggering.

    That they would try, like any business (and for all their bleating about being dedicated to ‘woman’s health’, they are just a business, albeit at the devil’s beck and call) to ‘maximize their profitability’ by selling body parts of slaughtered babies, is not out of the realm of imagination. If you’re already chopping up babies and vacuuming them out of the womb, hey, why not try and save a bit of the morsels and sell them for additional money to amoral research centers to play with? There is no limit to what you can do in this nasty business if your conscience is so dead that you can discuss this trade over a fine chopped salad (the similarities are horrific) and some vino, right?

    While we should pray for the end to this…I’m more in line with Matins’ comment above. Our God is a just judge…and a terrible foe. I have no (NO!) doubt that the descent of our way of life is due, in part, to our own acquiescence as well as, in truth, God’s judgement on how we’ve managed and cared for the gift of our freedoms. That, and the willing and active efforts of Satan’s useful idiots in positions of power to reap the benefits of earthly reward while mortgaging their souls for the here today….

  11. LA says:

    I find no hope in all this national outrage over PP’s trafficking in baby body parts, when there’s not been a greater outpouring of outrage at the prior step in the process: the killing of those babies, and in the most brutal and painful ways. It seems people are more upset by the selling, not by the killing.

  12. Facta Non Verba says:

    PP lies to women, persuades them to murder their babies, and then sells the baby organs for profit. This is what the left calls “women’s health.” This is the real war on women.

  13. Aquinas Gal says:

    Watching this video I got a sense that this woman, this doctor, doesn’t seem like a happy, serene person.
    Underneath it I could sense she has lost her spiritual and moral integrity and I actually felt sorry for her. God doesn’t want her to go to hell, and neither do I. God wants her to be converted. Please let’s pray for that; no one, no matter how horrible, is outside the pale of God’s mercy if they repent. There was something about her that just seemed so pathetic, like she has sold her humanity. But Jesus knows how to save even these lost souls.

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  15. Joseph-Mary says:

    My parish hosted a candlelight MASS in REPARATION for these terrible sins especially as our local university has been shown to be a purchaser. Who else is doing this? Where is the outrage from our shepherds? Why aren’t all the bishops asking for prayers and Masses in reparation? Souls are going to hell for the sin of abortion and still so few will employ the spiritual weapons to combat it. Of course these spiritual weapons should be coupled with a public stance. PP is an organization from the pit of hell. What are lies when you kill for a living?

    Please take part in your local 40 DAYS FOR LIFE this fall; take a stance. We do not have much of a voice in our godless society but let us make the most of what we have left. And hone the spiritual weapons; we are going to need them more than ever.

    St. Lawrence of Brindisi stood against the muslim hoard armed with a Crucifix and prayer. His feast is today; let us ask his intercession for our courage.

  16. juergensen says:

    Abortionists and sodomites from the West … Islamists from the East … Satan’s pincer movement against Rome.

  17. Auggie says:

    The MSM denounce a pro-life “heavily edited video” and then go on to show hours upon hours of heavily edited videos that slant the news to their whims.

  18. Magash: “We approach the total war death of WWII in numbers.”

    Estimates of the total number of WW II deaths range from 50 to 80 million. At over a million U.S. abortions annually, the total number of U.S. abortions since Roe vs. Wade is already in this range.

    But with approximately 45 million abortions world wide, the number of abortions in the world each and every year is of the same order of magnitude as the total number who died in all of WW II.

  19. benedetta says:

    Honestly, on such occasions as when one considers the dismantling of a poor, innocent, vulnerable human being piece by piece by another human being under color of legalisms, understanding that Hell exists, and that God is never mocked, gives a small degree of solace and encouragement to continue in this present world which has lost its head.

  20. majuscule says:

    I called the offices of my Senators and Congresswoman. Yes, all women.

    I was able to tell two humans and one voicemail that we need to defund Planned Parenthood. I hope it does more good than letters I have sent on many issues in the past.

    Upon observing that woman I feel like Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta–but I know I have not seen the incomprehensible reality of the vision of Hell that they were shown.

  21. ppb says:

    LA: It’s true that the selling of baby parts is only one small aspect of this gruesome business, and people shouldn’t just stop there. But I do I think the hope is that the outrage over the selling of baby parts will lead more people to realize that babies are in fact being killed, which is indeed the root evil. It’s another way of exposing the evil and breaking through the sanitized version PP gives of what it does. I don’t see how anyone can watch these horrid negotiations and still believe that all PP does is facilitate “donations” to science. Then, hopefully some more people will start wondering what else they’ve been lied to about, and start realizing what a horrendous evil abortion is.

  22. Giuseppe says:

    A product that the US can produce and sell cheaper than China.
    God bless America.

  23. aviva meriam says:

    Watched the video….. Sickened.
    Stunned at the moral rot of a culture that generally ISN’T bothered by this.
    Supposedly, the CMP spent months investigating this specific issue at PP…. and there’s a whole lot more footage ….. Each one of those “specimens” was a Human Life…..

  24. Long-Skirts says:


    “A less crunchy technique”
    Oh, how humane
    Like the Germans who gassed
    So no one felt pain.

    Marketable, intact
    Commodities futures
    A little blood spilled?
    Sew her up with some sutures

    And make sure you give her
    That honeymoon stitch
    To fulfill a man’s dream
    As he uses her niche.

    Then we’ll take her back
    Clean her out before lunch
    Harvest her gold
    And our cow’s cache we won’t crunch.

  25. jaykay says:

    Brian D Boyle says: “That, and the willing and active efforts of Satan’s useful idiots in positions of power to reap the benefits of earthly reward while mortgaging their souls for the here today….”

    Excellent point, Brian D. I’m thinking in particular of our situation here in Ireland where this evil was “legitimised” (hah!) two years ago. Thank God it’s not yet available on demand, but with an election coming up in the very near future, believe me the usual suspects are working overtime on that!

    So, as to the “useful idiots”, well, your comment made me think in particular of my local representative, he of a formerly “conservative” party which my family have favoured for generations. He’s a decent man (as we say in Ireland!), typical of a lot of our run-of-the-mill politicians in that he’s not exactly the brighest bulb on the Christmas tree but who, during the parliamentary voting process for this evil did, at least, attend one of our “anti” rallies and responded courteously to queries as to his voting intentions (although he wouldn’t be drawn). But in the end he and the other “whipped” sheep marched through the “yes” lobby and the rest is history.

    The reason he subsequently gave for this was merely that the party leader was “his friend and he couldn’t let him down”, or words to that effect. I was so sickened that I can’t really remember but that was more or less it. I had written him a letter before the vote – something I’ve never in all my years done before – saying that although I and my family for generations had supported his particular party it would be the end of such support for ever if this vote should be carried.

    Now, with the election possibly before the end of the year, he will receive another letter from me. It certainly won’t be abusive but it will point out that he and his party have betrayed our trust, in that they had said they would not introduce such legislation, and will never receive another vote from me [well, until such time as they have amended their ways and overturned this legislation, got to hedge your bets after all, but I won’t say that to him :)]

    And that was why your point chimed exactly with me, Brian D: because it perfectly illustrated the very recent experience of so many of us here in Ireland, whereby he and the many others like him proved to be perfect examples of the “useful idiots… [who] reap the benefits of earthly reward while mortgaging their souls for the here today”. Attorney General for Wales indeed!

    Meanwhile, the Rally for Life in Dublin on 4th July last attracted 25,000. In US terms that would be something like 2 million, I think. And the message went out to the political betrayers loud and clear: “We won’t forget!”

  26. Alanmac says:

    Father James Martin’s Facebook discussion page is full of support for abortion despite this horrific, graphic video. I truly don’t understand why the Jesuits don’t reprimand him for his constant support for abortion and homosexual marriage. What a shameful situation!

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