Archbp. Myers: “Catholics must be in a marriage recognized as valid by the Church to receive Holy Communion”

Liberal-megaphone RNS’ and David Gibson have a damage control piece out right now.  They may sense that things are not going well at the Synod for the Kasperite agenda.

ROME — Even as Pope Francis and Catholic leaders from around the world debate ways to make the Catholic Church more inclusive, Newark Archbishop John Myers[whom liberals despise] has given his priests strict guidelines on refusing Communion to Catholics who, for example, support gay marriage or join an organization that rejects Church teaching. [Some would say that guidelines are good. But note the language “strict”, “refusing” v. “supporting”, “join”.]

In the two-page memo, Myers also orders parishes and Catholic institutions not to host people or organizations that disagree with the Church. [Archbp. Myers wants people to be… Catholic?]

He says Catholics, “especially ministers and others who represent the Church, should not participate in or be present at religious events or events intended to endorse or support those who reject or ignore Church teaching and Canon Law.” [Do I hear an “Amen!”?]

The new rules could raise eyebrows, [code language] given that Francis is currently leading a high-level Vatican summit, called a synod, where he and some 270 bishops are debating whether to let divorced and remarried Catholics receive Communion, and how to be more welcoming to cohabiting and gay couples whose lives don’t conform to Catholic teaching.

The guidelines could also up the ante for the coming election season, [here the liberal writer accuses Myers of being “political”] when Catholic candidates who support abortion rights or gay rights are sometimes challenged by conservatives over whether they should receive Communion.

Myers issued these guidelines even though he is scheduled to retire next July when he turns 75, turning over the reins to Archbishop Bernard Hebda. [Code: he should not have done anything because he’s old.]


“With so much being generated in the media with regard to issues like same-sex unions and such, this memo about ensuring that Catholic teaching is adhered to in all situations — especially with regard to the use of diocesan properties and facilities — seemed appropriate,” James Goodness, a spokesman for Myers, said.


In the memo, Myers writes: “The Church will continue to cherish and welcome her members and invite them to participate in her life to the degree that their personal situation permits them honestly to do so.

“Catholics,” he continues, “must be in a marriage recognized as valid by the Church to receive Holy Communion or the other sacraments. Non-Catholics and any Catholic who publicly rejects Church teaching or discipline, either by public statements or by joining or supporting organizations which do so, are not to receive the Sacraments.”

Shock!  Catholic Archbishop upholds the Catholic Church’s Teachings!


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  1. gracie says:

    Thank God! My parish is in the Archdiocese of Newark and until reading this I had no idea what if any position ++Myers took on this issue. To do so in the face of the shenanigans going on in Rome is simply wonderful! Courage is contagious and hopefully other bishops will join in. Remember, folks, all bullies are cowards and the quickest way to defeat the modernists is to stand up to them.

  2. DonL says:

    We in Connecticut await strong public affirmation of the faith, in this valley of confusion and lack of clarity in teaching, that is coming from Rome.

  3. Papabile says:

    Myers has always been great, especially with Seminarian recruitment.

    However, I sense that this is a thing that would never have occurred during Benedict’s or JP II’s reign.

    It is almost as if all the chaos is creating an environment where Bishops must choose the “side” they are on and take it to its natural conclusion.

  4. steve51b31 says:

    Perhaps the Kasparite’s should be reminded that as Christians, We are called to conform our lives to Christ and not to conform Christ to Our lives.

    This is the true argument which is unfolding at the synod. Some Bishops understand this, some bishops refuse to do so…..

  5. LarryW2LJ says:

    Prayers being offered that the Bishop of Metuchen would be as outspoken in defending the teachings of the Church.

  6. FL_Catholic says:

    I pray that the Lord may continue to guide and protect that Bishop, and bless him for this act of courage. That Bishop is going to be attacked viciously for doing this by the demons and their liberal puppets.

  7. SanSan says:

    It is time to take sides. Your either with God or not. Your either with Jesus or not. Your either with HIS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, or not.

  8. Larry W2LJ said:
    “Prayers being offered that the Bishop of Metuchen would be as outspoken in defending the teachings of the Church.”

    Don’t hold your breath for that…or many others. I can see the mind’s eye of many of them sticking their fingers in their ears going “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA…” hoping it all passes quickly so they can get back to whatever it is that they’re doing (which does not include leading from the front…).

    Even Dante opined that the streets of Hell were paved with the skulls of bishops. Nothing has changed from his day to ours, I think.

    73 OM.

  9. TNCath says:

    I am very happy to read this, however, it will be interesting to see how other dioceses react. I fear that Newark and Archbishop Myers will become the Lincoln and Bishop Bruskewitz of their time. There are other bishops and other dioceses that are actually doing the exact opposite: anticipating the results of the Synod in their favor by trying to find ways around the teaching of the Church as far as marriage is concerned in light of the “teachings of Pope Francis,” a term used often by priests and bishops to distinguish “his teachings” from official Church teachings as contained in the Catechism.

  10. Giuseppe says:

    I do think the synod will reiterate this long-standing position, that Catholics must be in a marriage recognized as valid by the church to receive Holy Communion and other sacraments. But the Pope will also remind everyone that the process declaring marriages null is much easier now. I think he will instruct the bishops to closely scrutinize suspect marriages with an eye that they might be invalid. Expect annulments to double and triple in the next few years.

  11. Kathleen10 says:

    No CT bishop that I am aware of will make any meaningful statement on orthodox church teaching, doctrine, etc. CT is a wasteland, along with neighboring states, especially MA. I’m sure there are pockets of orthodoxy, but that’s the problem, they are pockets.
    Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to the FSSP we go! (whistling)
    For us personally, the Synod has changed only everything. We are no longer satisfied with attending our banal, soft-identity, Catholic-lite NO Mass. I don’t know where we are going, because we have almost no options around here. If these men are going to dismantle the Church, we don’t have to support it, and by sitting there week in and week out, we are.
    The Good Lord must be coming back soon. It is astounding to see pretty much everything in our culture and world going to Hell. Come, Lord Jesus!

  12. Mike says:

    Prelates like Archbishop Myers face tremendous opposition, largely from within: the mainstream “Catholic” and secular media; pejorative, dialogue-clogging cries of “FUNDAMENTALIST!!” from disaffected liberals; and the agendas of the USCCB and the Democrat Party.

    A full-throated “Bravo!” and grateful thanks are due to Archbishop Myers from all faithful Catholics for his support of us striving sinners.

  13. tmhester says:

    I agree with what the Archbishop is doing. Clearly, one would hope that the ordinary of a diocese would uphold and promote Church teaching within his diocese. I do have issue with one thing…

    ” [Myers] orders parishes and Catholic institutions not to host people or organizations that disagree with the Church”.

    That’s fine.

    However, what does this say about Myers’ own actions regarding Fr. Warren Hall? Hall, a priest of the Archdiocese, is publicly “out” as a gay man and even lost his job as campus minister at my alma mater Seton Hall University (a diocesan-run school with Myers as chairman of the board of directors) only to be appointed (by Myers) as vicar of two parishes? I would argue that Hall is publicly living at odds with Church teaching (check his tweets and past statements of support for various causes). Just a little puzzled…

  14. RAve says:

    In the 1990’s when I was a newish husband and father, I was very excited and inspired when I discovered all the amazing sources of pastoral encouragement available from the Church. I was also really disappointed at how few people had any idea these resources existed, so my wife and I did some good old fashioned new evangelization and we created a local apostolate in the parish (we called it “Holy Families!”). We even had a website (remember sprynet?) to spread the good news.
    Of course JP2’s Letter to Families and Familiaris Consortio were on our list of powerful and helpful resources – and so was a 3-part 1993 pastoral letter by then-Bishop Myers of Peoria, which I described as “Becoming a holy family Start here! Easy to read, concise, 3-part explanation of our call to be Holy Families!” What a lasting blessing those letters have been to me and my family and or friends. It is good to see that Archbishop Myers still endeavors to offer help and hope to families who seek to be faithful to the Gospel.

  15. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    “Catholics must be in a marriage recognized as valid by the Church to receive Holy Communion or the other sacraments.”

    Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

  16. Jersey_Ron says:


    And who does the North Jersey press turn to for commentary on this? The very same Fr. Warren Hall.

  17. WGS says:

    Father Vincent Fitzpatrick.
    The statement is obviously thoughtless and just brought forth a smirk. (admittedly a bit supercilious at that)

  18. Gerard Plourde says:

    Fr. Vincent Fizpatrick& WGS,

    You’re right. The way the statement reads only Catholics who are in a valid marriage can receive the sascraments, leaving out the unmarried, children, members of the religious communities and the clergy.

  19. Perhaps I won’t have to move to Africa after all. A short trip over a nearby river may suffice.

  20. Or maybe I can just stay put; I just found this encouraging article in my mailbox:

    I hope all the orthodox bishops find their voices.

  21. samgr says:

    The statement also means that those in an invalid marriage can’t go to confession to repent of their sin.

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