The Domino Effect

No, this is not about the collapse of the entire Church because of a few of the members of the Synod.

It’s amazing, but also hard to imagine that someone would do this.

Some 10K old iPhones.

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  1. dixitDOMINUSDOMINOmeo says:

    Definitely a little “movie magic”. Kind of like those amazing ” pictures ” of various geographical landscapes that look like animals. Usually sent out in an email chain with the subject title “you won’t believe your eyes!” Especially since the people who made this video are animators…

  2. acricketchirps says:

    Precisely, dDDm. It’s all done with an app available for iPhone8s

  3. Vampires! Speaking of chain reactions: If you need to kill a nasty vampire I recommend this very cool Vampire defence system (built and filmed by a group of 6 girls and 2 boys who are 12-13 years old):


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