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Thompson on Bad Church Music (BCM). Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Sacred liturgical music is NOT an add-on in worship. It is – and must therefore be treated as – an integrating part (pars integrans) of liturgical worship, since it is prayer, liturgical music must be both sacred and also art. The texts … Read More

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Reducing Christianity to a fading smile

I direct the readership’s attention to a provocative piece at The Catholic Thing about an effective weapon perennially deployed to destroy Christianity. It is one of which the Serpent has long made use. The Cheshire Cat The let’s-destroy-Christianity project has … Read More

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“their absolute aim is to get Ratzinger out of the race”

I direct the readership’s attention to an interview (HERE) that Ed Pentin (of The Rigging of a Synod fame) has a fascinating interview with journalist Paul Badde who was in the right place at the right time (wrong place and time?) to learn … Read More

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