CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Sunday – Field Day

Actually I am in a cemetery at the top of the hill by the parish.

As I write!

That’s the vertical.

I also managed to string up a 40m center-fed wire dipole.

It’s 2045 UTC and I’m on 20 and 40.

Maybe some hams can find me before it gets dark and I have to tear this down.

UPDATE (back at home):

As it turns out, my vertical had a high SWR and wasn’t too effective.

The dipole, however, was great!  I eventually managed to get some good contacts.

I also left the dipole in place just in case another great day comes along.

Otherwise, …

During the week I set up my antenna at the end of a 100′ cable (thanks to a reader who gave me some credit, under my call sign at the Ham Radio Outlet) on the grass in front of my building.

It wasn’t that useful, given the bands, but it was a useful experience.

Also, I met with a couple hams at the parish this morning.  We are moving forward toward forming the ham club at the parish, clearing a space for a shack, etc.

My next task, for this week, is to figure out how to file with the FCC for a call sign for a club that is being formed.

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    That looks like the most perfect spot for walking/jogging/praying and I guess, hamming!

  2. CandS says:

    Anybody on right now?

  3. As the sun went down and the wind came up, I had to disassemble and head back to the BOQ.

    I hope other hams might use this combox to coordinate some QSOs.

    I’ll probably reassemble my rig tomorrow in situ.

    Remember everyone: ECHOLINK! Search WB0YLE-R

  4. CandS says:

    I’m on 20m now, just listening while I do other things.

  5. CandS says:

    Nothing on 20m, moved to 40m

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