Hurray for Hillary!

In honor of what’s’er’face in California, I am watching my new disc of…


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  1. HealingRose says:

    I missed it in the theaters, so I am looking forward to seeing it soon. John Krasinski is a great actor.

    I wonder if the movie will get much attention from the media as it comes out on video and in Redbox. Either way, I have a feeling it will help Bernie’s momentum.

  2. Maltese says:

    I saw it the day it came out–excellent movie!

  3. mtpensaventus says:

    Hillary for Prison 2016

  4. Phil_NL says:


    I hope you’re right, but wouldn’t hold my breath.

    Worse, it seems like only two events can keep Hillary out of the White House:
    – her being indicted
    – Bernie going for the Green party ticket
    And unless Trump gets his act together, we might need both of these….

  5. Ellen says:

    My super progressive co-worker was crowing about Hillary being the first woman to run for POTUS, until I suggested she look up Victoria Woodhull. Hillary is only the first women to run in a major party. Pray God she does not win.

  6. Rosary Rose says:

    It is time for some serious prayer and petition. If you love freedom, if you believe the words of our Constitution, pray, petition and get active as your station in life allows you. If you have no money, no time to help campaign, you can pray. My son is active military. I do not want the former Secretary of State at the time of the Bengazhi disaster for POTUS.

    Read Father Z’s quote of Solzhenitsyn on the right side bar (scroll way down). Do you love freedom enough? Pray for the right words to pursuade voters, pray for our nation. These are critical days.

    Come on, Nineva! We are heading to Sodom and Leningrad. God bless the land of the free.

  7. acardnal says:

    Yes! Got it in Tuesday’s mail.

  8. AnnTherese says:

    Back to voting for the lesser of two evils… Could we really do no better than these two?

  9. comedyeye says:

    Rush said a few weeks ago that his gut tells him that Trump will win in a landslide.

  10. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    Hillary should face a firing squad for Benghazi. (GREAT Movie!!!)

    About Donald Trump… I am 100% on the Trump Train!

    Think about this:

    Donald Trump entered the race a year ago. He was treated as a total joke (I didn’t take him seriously at first myself), no one thought he would get beyond a week, let alone pass Super Tuesday. He had sixteen (16!!!) opponents. All of whom were well-funded, well-connected, seasoned and experienced politicians (Bush, Cruz, Christie, Kasich, Rubio, Carson, Paul, et al.), with about 100 years of experience between all sixteen of them. All of them were out to DESTROY Trump’s campaign. All sixteen wanted the honor of grabbing Donald Trump’s orange-colored scalp as a war-prize. Donald Trump said things that would have gotten “normal” politicians kicked out of the political game entirely, to go into quiet retirement to write a book. Donald Trump has had the most vile insults thrown his way. Donald Trump has had his factual statements twisted around into pretzels. He has had his supporters beaten and attacked.

    All of Donald Trump’s competition are now out of the race.

    Donald Trump is the only one left standing.

    Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has had one (1!!!) opponent to beat. Bernie Sanders makes Jeb Bush look like he has the energy of an Olympic Athlete, makes Obama look like a flag-waving Republican, and Bernie has NEVER TAKEN HIS GLOVES OFF and Hillary Clinton can’t knock him out.

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