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New procedures to remove negligent Bishops… what could go wrong?

The Pope has issued an Apostolic Letter (heavy) Motu Proprio to establish procedures to remove bishops who don’t act adequately in regard to priests who hurt children or vulnerable people. Good.  On the face of it, that’s great. I’ve been irritated … Read More

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Attacks on Catholic church in France and Belgium

I was just in Toledo… not Ohio. While I was in the glorious cathedral, and I heard that it had been the site of a mosque after the Visigothic church was torn down, it occurred to me that there are … Read More

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Sometimes a photo is worth 5000 thousands words.

You might have heard of this, but, since I have been traveling and using the interwebs less than usual in the last couple weeks, it was news to me. A member of the Macedonian parliament brought a gift to Pope … Read More

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